Infants And Sleeping

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Ronni - July 6

my ds is 3 months old (today). I was just wondering how much time your lo is awake during the day. My lo will eat every 4 hours, and usually is awake for about an hour after he eats( he's alert and playful. )Then he falls asleep for a little nap.He will nap in his bouncy, swing, stroller, wherever we are after he eats. Is this pretty much the schedule for infants. When will they start staying up more during the day and just take real "naps"?


cae - July 6

My son is 5/12 months old and when he was 3months, he napped all the time. He started staying up more around 4-41/2 months. He takes 2 naps a day now(usually 1/2-1hour nap) and sleeps atleast 10 hours straight at night or more.


krnj - July 6

Hi Ronni, How's it going? I think Christian finally started taking real naps. (I've been trying to keep track) He's just a little over 4 months now and is staying awake more during the day. He'll fall asleep between 10 & 11am for about 45 minutes, then again around 2 or 3pm, sometimes again even between 5 & 6pm. It is hard to get them on a schedule!


jas - July 6

krnj, sounds like yours is on a schedule... My 3 1/2 month old does the SAME thing... He gets up about 8, naps for about 1/2 hour 10:30 or so. Takes his long nap at 1 and another short one at 6...


mayaB - July 7

what do you do with your babies when they are awake?? my baby is 2 months old and when he's awake I dont know how to entertain him.. he's pretty fussy, so most of the time I'm just trying to get him back to sleep.


Ronni - July 7

Thanks for your answers. Hey karen, I'll write to you privately. Maya- i know what you mean, when Justin was 2months all i wanted to do was keep him asleep. Now he loves his bouncy and is making all these noises so i can actually play with him, and he likes to just sit in his bouncy entertaining himself! You'll see very soon!!!


Christy - July 7

Ronni- that sounds about right. My ds was a colicky newborn, so it took him a long time to get into a good eat-sleep-wake schedule. He is now 8 months old, but he still only stays awake for only 3-4 hours at a time. I could make it go longer, but there is usually hell to pay! LOL!


Tillie - July 7

Maya, I totally understand about entertaining a newborn. My pediatrician told me that babies really need to be played with, even at a few weeks old, and that it helps with fussiness. Apparently they get bored and need stimulation! Have you tried taking your son for walks and talking to him and telling him what you see, etc? He won't understand yet, but my daughter loves this and is only 5 weeks. Also making faces, singing, trying to interact. Another thing my daughter loves is taking a bath together. 10 or so minutes of listening to the running water and submerging little parts of her one at a time makes her SO happy. I think it reminds her of the womb!


Nicole1 - July 7

my ds does not sleep. I spend all day trying to get him to sleep and he just wakes up. He is 11 weeks today and gets about 3 twenty min naps. I am at my wits end.


ca_pink - July 9

Our DS is about 14/15 weeks and she takes many cat naps. She was a great napper and slept 1.5-2.5 hours when she was sleeping 6-8 hours at night... but around 11 weeks, she started sleeping 10-12 hours at night and her naps became unpredictable for about two weeks... now, she naps around 8:30/9:00 am and again around 12:30/1:00pm and then again around 4:30/5:00pm.


shannan - July 10

mayaB-I often feel the same way you do about what to do w/my ds when he's awake (he is 6 wks). When he's alert I try to see if he'll follow one of his toys with his eyes. I also put him on his tummy a few times. But when he is fussy, its like all I want him to do is go to sleep. Then I worry about him not sleeping well at night if he is sleeping a lot during the day, because he doesnt sleep well at night. So, its a constant cycle :)


Ba8y6irl - July 11

My dd is 6 weeks old and she sleeps at night from 10:30 - 2:30 or 3 or so give or take, then till about 7 or 8 and sometimes a little 1 hour nap till 9 or so. After that she is up for a bit, naps at about 11 - 1 or 2 and then she is up for the rest of the day. If we go out she naps in the car but thats about it. She loves being awake, but I am glad she gets the point that night time is long sleep time :)



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