Interviewing For Nanny Babysitter

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mlm056 - October 3

My dh, ds and I just moved away from family (from Can to US) for dh job -- missing support system already! We are interviewing for Nanny's/babysitters. We only need pt help. I am very nervous about having someone other than myself and those I know look after my 12 wk ds. Any advice on interview questions or anything I should keep my eyes open for -- would appreciate any and all advice/tips/experiences you have had in finding childcare for your lo! Thanks.


MNMOM - October 3

maybe try a referral source/nanny type employement agency, make sure the person is experiened in CPR/first aid, has experience, and do a background check!!


mommybabyboy21 - October 3

Being a former nanny and now mother to a 14 week old. Adding to MnMOM advice all of are a must. About experienced in CPR/First Aid, and do a back ground check. The best is referral as well...though we all have to start somewhere. and since you said part time ...I would have the nanny over for a few days while you are still home. The first day introduce your child to the nanny and once the baby seems used to the baby try leaving them alone in the room together...go do other chores but always be with in ear shot of them. I also have had my employers come home unexpectedly just to see what we were up to...I never minded but if a nanny minds that is a warning sign. That goes for daycares too if your childcare giver ever tells you not to show up unexpectily DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CHILD. My friend whose baby was 2...she was trying to put her dd in Daycare/pre-school and the person told her not to show up unexpectedly...I couldn't believe that they actually said that. GL


excited2bemama - October 3

A friend of mine was all set to hire her nanny and then she decided to do one more thing- she checked her myspace and the girl had written on there that she is easily frustrated, and loves to get drunk,, LOL anyways she didn't end up hiring her. If your nanny canidate is young- check her myspace and facebook.. potential employers everywhere are doing it. GL


JerseyGirl - October 3

Here are a few I asked the ladies I interviewed: --How long have you been a nanny? --Tell me about your experience with infants. --If the baby is cranky or crying a lot, how would you comfort him/her? --What do you do to occupy a child of this age? --What’s your hourly salary range? It was also important for me to see the potential nanny in action. The one I ended up hiring asked me to hold the baby and comforted him so well that he fell asleep in her arms - we were amazed and called her "The Baby Whisperer!" I was looking for someone at least 35 years old who has been doing this for a while. Also preferred someone who has kids of her own and someone who lived close by. I am very lucky so far, in that the woman I hired came HIGHLY recommended, is 44 years old, has 3 children (2 college aged and 1 in high school), and lives in my town. She is also CPR certified and has first aid experience. Good luck.



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