Intriducing The Bottle

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Maria - January 9

Hi Ladies. I am currently br___tfeeding my almost 3 month old, and would like to know at what time can I pump and give her milk in the bottle without her gettting attached too the bottle and leaving the br___t. I would like to start giving her the bottle on occasions when we go out. thanks for your help.


AutumnsMommy - January 9

Maria, My daughter is almost 4 months old and I went back to work 5 weeks ago. I still BF exclusively, but she has been taking a bottle of b___stmilk at daycare. She definitely prefers me to the bottle! Her teachers had a little trouble in the beginning getting Autumn to take a bottle, but now she seems to be doing alright. Do you feel your that BF'ing is firmly established? If so, then since your baby is almost 3 months old, I would say it's probably okay to introduce a bottle.


Maria - January 9

Thanks Autumns Mommy. Yes, I think we've got a good hold on b___stfeeding . She also eats really well. I guess I will start carrying a bottle with me when I go out. The b___st is very convenient as it is always there and the milk is always warm, but sometimes I would prefer to give her the bottle as I can't pull my b___b out everywhere!


Christy - January 9

You are fine to do it. We tried it around 4 weeks bc we wanted to attend a wedding reception and were leaving Ben with my parents. He has only taken it from my dh, though. My parents and MIL have had a hell of a time giving him a bottle. Since she is 3 months, your dd may not take the bottle at this point, especially from you. It is definitely wrth trying though.


Heidi - January 9

Get someone else to give her the bottle cus sometimes Emma won't take it from her dad and I've given her bottles off and on since she was 4 wks old and she's 13 wks now and she takes them just fine from me but if I give her more than two a day she gets cranky and just wants to nurse. I think she just misses mommy. I hope she does okay in daycare!


lynnstress - January 10

My son (first baby) is 3 weeks 4 days, and he had his first bottle on New Year's Eve. We've done pumped b___st milk as well as formula several times - the pediatrician said it was OK. Hubby, friends, realtives and I have all given him a bottle, and there were no problems. I wanted to do both b___st feeding and formula from the start, and I plan to have him on formula only by the beginning of March (I go on vacation 1st full week of March, and baby is staying home with Daddy!).


KrYstaL - January 10

I went back to school when he was 4 days old. He has been drinking from the bottle when i'm at school since then and hasn't gotten confused. But it's not an all day thing i have cla__s only for a couple hours each day and it's very close to where i live so it's about one feeding per day. I know that was early to start him but it's been fine for us and he didn't get confused and still uses both. But i would say 3 months is definetely safe. I would hold out on using the fast flow nipples though because i've heard that babies tend to like those ones alot because they don't have to work as hard to get the milk. Cagney is 4 months and still uses the slow flow nipples with no problem.


Lynn - January 10

My dd is almost 7 weeks and we atarted her on the bottle around 3 weeks. SHe still will only take it from dh though.. Secretly, I was happy she wouldn't take a bottle from my MIL though over Christmas! You may even have to leave the house altogether to get her to take a bottle from someone else - they know when we're around. SO maybe just go for a walk or something.


Regina - January 10

The longer you wait, and the less you use the bottle, the more sucessful you will be.


to Maria - January 10

We were told by a lactation consultant to introduce the bottle at 4 to 6 weeks of age. Someone other than the mother should introduce the bottle. However, they never said how often the bottle should be presented following the introduction.


Tami - January 10

Kailey wouldn't take a bottle for the longest time! Now at 3 and 1/2 months she takes it pretty good, but definitely prefers me! I usually only give her one every other day or so though, so I am not very regular at it. If you are pretty established, I'd say go for it!



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