Introducing A Sippy Cup At 6 Months

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AnytimeLittleone - February 23

Ive read differing opinions on this, online. Some sites say that juice shouldnt be introduced until 8 months, as infants need all the nutrition they can get from formula/bm... some sites say, if your kid wants a cup, give them a cup. Lately, after dd has finished her bottle, I will pick up my cup to take a drink of juice, and she will open her mouth and tilt her head back, as if saying "ill have some of that". So is giving her a sippy cup with small amounts of juice between meals, ok?


aurorabunny - February 23

We introduced ds to one a little bit before 7 months.....but usually just with water. Sometimes some diluted pear juice to help him go to the bathroom.


AshleyB - February 23

My ds is always constipated so I have to give him 4-6oz of juice undiluted a day. These instructions came from my pedi. So I would say it probably couldn't hurt her. My ds is only 11wks.


Mellissa - February 23

how is she doing with the sippy cup? Diesel just won't suck on it. he can hold it, put it to his mouth, tilt it...but he won't suck. I think he's confused. lol. i usually put water in it. if i give him juice, i dilute it with water, even if it's the baby juice.(not that he ACTUALLY gets any of it!)


kellens mom - February 23

Dd didn't get the point of sucking the liquid out of the cup until we snipped a very tiny corner from the sippy cup plug (sorry...I don't know what else to call it). The small whole would allow fluid to slowly drip out which tasted good and inspired her to suck to get it out.


cae - February 23

Ethan was not interested at all in the sippy cup at 6months. He really wasnt using it until I think 9-10 months. Anyhow, when I did introduced the sippy, I used water. I started to give him juice at around 9months. I only gave him juice before 9 months when he needed to poop.


ashtynsmom - February 23

This sounds like my dd!! She still prefers to drink out of Dh or I's gla__s, but she is completely sippy only now at 13 mos. She has not interest in the bottle. We started dd on 1/2 juice & 1/2 water mixes around 6 mos. The pedi said not to give more than 4 oz of juice a day ( with water 8oz) and do not subst_tute any of her bottles with it. Just offer it with meals, or after bottles.


ConnorsMommy - February 23

i introduced the sippy at 6mos. and just put ds' formula in it... he was bottle-free by 8mos... imo, juice isn't neccessary.. it just has too much sugar and empty calories.. ds is almost 14mos. now and he's still only on milk and water...


Erin1979 - February 23

We would periodicially try Cate and see how she did. By about 8 months we started trying it every day at lunch, and by the end of the second week she was a pro. I found that she had more dextarity by then, and she understood how to use the cup better. My neighbour was 6 months when they started her. I think it just depends on the child.


Kara H. - February 23

We have introduced Max to a sippy cup as well at six months. He will already drink out of my cup if I hold it up for him and steady the back of his head. He doesn't really have the concept down yet. When I am feeding him, I will take the valve out of the cup and hold it up for him and he will tip his head back and drink the drops, but he will not hold it and use it. Once we are done eating, I put the valve back in so he doesn't get all wet and give it to him to play with. He is trying to figure out how to hold it and get it too his mouth. He can almost get it in there now, but not just there yet. I give him diuted juice in his cup to motivate him to take to it, but I don't give him any juice at all in a bottle now - though we did when he was 3 months for constapation per doctor's suggestion.


Ca__sie06 - February 24

hey there! Connor is drinking from his sippy cup now. He loves it, I have the Nuby cup and he wont even go to bed without it. (Even though it is empty and the lid is on it, he still has to hug it to go to sleep!) My pedi told me he should be drinking juices now so I usually give him the gerber juice and dilute it half juice and half water. Sometimes he just drinks a little water.


LollyM - February 24

I give dd a sippy cup or even a regular cup with bm in it to soothe her cravings! She loves it and I have been doing it since she was 4 months old. She is 6 months now and only needs minimal help with the cup =) We started Ava on a regular cup before the sippy because she didn't understand the sucking thing either. she can use a regular cup remarkably well! Of course, regular cups should be supervised with a 6 month old! lol. They also have sippy cups that you don't have to suck on. Those seem to work well for dd, but again it needs supervision or you will have liquid all over!


Laceyandsamsmamma - February 24

well I gave my kids a sippy cup made by nuby it is great it has a soft top like a bottle they just have to kinda squeeze it (for lack of better words) and juice flows out of the slits and then when they throw it the thing is spill proof. This cup is great till they get teeth that they know how to use. My ds bit many holes in his before we change to the gerber soft top because it has a plug in it. I would say though give her duluted juice like 1/2 and 1/2 that is what my doc said as long as you give her the milk she is suppose to get during the day then what she drinks between meals is no big deal. Good Luck


tryingx3 - February 24

Great thread - my 5mo seems really interested as well...we tried 2 different sippy cups today - neither really "clicked" yet...but it was interesting to try! We did water. She ended up drinking water out of the lid of my bottled water. She would have eaten my Blizzard if I had let her! ha ha


AnytimeLittleone - February 25

Im going out to walmart today to find a two-handled cup. I think she'll suck on it, because shes been on bottles since birth. If I give her a cookie, or a pizza crust, the first thing she does is suck. She's eating like an 8 month old (stage 2 foods, and then about 30oz of formula a day, with snacks sometimes). I dont think at this point the juice is going to limit her potential, shes 22lbs at almost 7 months. I'll let y'all know how she does with the cup!


AnytimeLittleone - February 25

I got the nuby cup with the soft spout. DD loves it! Kinda like a cross between a bottle and a cup. Once she masters the holding/tipping, then ill give her a hard cup.. but really reccomend the Nuby soft lids..



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