Introducing A Sippy Cup At Six Months Anyone Else

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joeysmom - June 12

Hi, my son refuses to take a bottle and I do not want to nurse anymore so the doctor told me to try a sippy cup. Has anyone else just skipped the bottle phase and went straight to a sippy cup??? And how did it work out?? He won't take formula or br___t milk from the cup, but he will take juice and water and Keifer. Should I just keep trying??? Does anyone have any advice???


Whitney - June 12

My son never took a bottle, so my plan to wean him at 6 months turned into 10 months. But then my doc also advised to offer a sippy cup & I couldn't believe it, but he loved it from the start. He didn't like the Avent sippy's very much, but he liked The First Years brand sippy's & also Nuby.


Rabbits07 - June 12

I've never introduced a cup that early, but I know many others have. I wouldn't wean him from the b___st until he is taking formula or b___st milk from the cup as that is his main source of nutrition right now. Just keep trying...with hold the brest for a feeding and offer only the cup. Eventually, he'll take it.


Whitney - June 12

Oh yea, one more thing... since you b___stfeed you may find this helpfull. Don't give him the sippy in the spot where you usually nurse him or in the same position. I found my son just got mad & wanted to nurse if I did that. He seemed to always take it better if he was sitting in his high chair or on my lap facing away from my chest.


HannahBaby - June 12

my daughter is 17 months and will only drink out of a sippy cup that has a "sport top" Its kinda like a nipples like a bottle but not really. SHe will not drink out of a hard spout cup.


Madys mommy - June 12

I am in the same boat as you. My daughter is 5 months and I would like to introduce a sippy cup just to be able to leave her with daddy for a couple of hours while i shop or get a haircut. People have told me to skip the bottle entirely if going from the b___st. It just give you one less thing to have to wean him from. I agree with Whitney, try giving it to him in the highchair, my daughter seems to like to try grabbing for it better than taking it while laying down. Also Nuby has a stage one sippy cup that has a square soft, silicone spout that is soft like the b___st and easier to come out when they chew on it. It also has handles for him to hold onto. Good Luck


AmandaManns - June 13

Well my son started to drink out of a sippy when he was 3 months old. I only put juice in this so I am not sure if he would take formula out of it or not. I think you should try the sippy cup, you have nothing to lose. Good Luck!!


Bree - June 13

I give my son juice from a sippy cup. He takes it okay but he'd rather take it out of a regular cup. I have some see thru ones so I don't drown him, but I let him drink some when I'm feeding him his babyfood. It's so cute.



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