Introducing Cereal

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Stephiealisa - October 3

My son is 2 months old yesterday (god, how time flies!!) and he eats SO much! He is consuming up to six oz in one sitting and he weighs 14.2lbs. (He was 8.1 when he was born) He is not a fat/chubby baby by far but he is out growing his 3mo clothing because he is too long/tall and his feet are big! haha, kinda funny now that I think about it. Anyway, he is a supported sitter. He holds his head up excellent and he is also able to do so when he is on his belly. We already have him playing in his exerciser. SO my question is, can I start feeding him rice cereal? I know that starting solids is a very controversiel topic among moms but the back of the box said age doesnt matter. Is two months too soon??? And how much should I start with?? Do I give it to him in a bottle?


wv_red - October 3

Stephiealisa hi! do you have your 2 month pedi app coming up?? If so check with him/her about it. Every ba by is different so talk to your pedi, they may tell you to wait. My dd is over 18 lbs and just turned 4 months, have app today and i am going to ask about starting her on it. Good luck!!


mommaminchey - October 3

I started to give my son (2m 2w old) sereal when he was a month old his his night time bottle before bed. He just wants getting full. He sucked it right down and has been taking it every night ever since. I started him off wioth 3 oz of cereal and now he is at 5oz. I mix mine to look simialr to oatmeal but not as thick. When I moved him from 3-5 oz he started to sleep more at night. He gets a good 5 to 5.5 hrs of sleep after that bottle. It was a life saver for me when I started back at work. My mother had my little brother eating it when he was only a few weeks old. You know your abby better than anyone.


Stephiealisa - October 3

Yes, I have a 2 mo appt on Monday actually. I guess I will go ahead and ask her. I just figured that I should decide for my baby, but I dont want anything bad to happen to him or something. Thanks for your advice!!


gabby509 - October 3

Hi Stephanelisa, I hope I don't start an argument here, this is all just my own opinion ladies, and I am not putting anyone down for what they do with their own child. Ok so my son is strictly b___stfed and has only had formula handful of times so this info is from ym doc about a b___stfed baby. He said that cereal should be introduced around 6 months, 4 months at the earliest because a baby who is b___stfed is used to a less bulky type of milk, as opposed to formula which is bulkier and a bit heavier. He told me that from his past experiences ( he's been a ped for about 18 years) that babies who are fed cereal too early tend to develop gastrointestinal issues such as constipation, diarrhea, and bloating/gas. Also sometimes their bodies cannot break down the glucose in the cereal and their blood sugars can be elevated giving them a higher chance of developing diabetes in the future. Now my son is 4 months, he weighed 9 lbs 1 ounce at birth and now weighs about 17 lbs, so I was sure that cereal would be ok at this point, but I'm trusting my doctor and waiting until 6 months. I hope I don't offend anyone with what I just said, I know we all want what is best for our babes, and the decisions that I make for my son may not be the same ones that others make for their babes. So with that said, I would talk to your doctor and see what she has to say. Some doctors are a little more cautious than others. Good Luck! Oh and one more thing, I was also told that when he does start with the formula, to not give it to him in a bottle because lots of babies choke that way.


gabby509 - October 3

oops I mean when he starts witht he cereal, don't put it in a bottle.


Sims1 - October 3

Hi Steph, I started my little one on cereal a week before he started his third month, like you my baby i long, and was drinking 5 oz every two hours, and i tried increasing his milk so he could space it to three hours, but he couldn't hold that much, so i started cereal a small amount like an ounce or two in the evenings before i gave him more milk. and he loved it and it totally helped on pushing him to a three hour and schedule, i told my dr and he said it's ok that i did that, becuase he's a big boy. he was 9.9 when he was born. so i say if try it and if it doesn't bother his tummy then go for it. at his four month check up dr said to go ahead and put him on veggies, i started him on veggies in the afternoon i give him half a small jarand then milk, and he seems to be fine with that too. oh btw, i changed my evening feed, to a full bottle first and then an hour or two later the cereal, i find that it fills him up better. also adding the veggies has helped transition him to a four hour schedule as he should be now. before it was three. and he's increased his milk intake himself.all in all, the food is a supplement to his milk so just add it on like a treat.



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