Introducing Each Other

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Fabienne - October 14

Hey, I just thought we could introduce each other very quickly. I've been reading the posts on that forum for a while and it looks like there are regulars...Thanks BBK for introducing yourself the other day :) My turn: I'm Fabienne, 33, French living in California with my American husband :) I'm a stay at home mom. We have a son, Matthew. He is 3 1/2 months old. He's a gem :))))) He's been a colicky baby but it is definitely getting better now. He just learned to grab his feet and loves showing off ! His dad just taught him how to make a silly sound with his mouth and now he practises all the time - even at 4 am, once he's nursed, I put him back into his crib, thinking he is asleep, but he opens his eyes wide and practises some more ! He's funny :) He just got his vaccinations and it all went well. He didn't get a fever or anything :) Just a little bruise on his thigh.


monica - October 14

Hi Fabienne yes I am a regular here and started out at the pregnancy forum. Everyone has been helpful and there are lots of people that are very nice. I am 34 (ughh) and hispanic living in california. I have an almost 5 year old and my 11 week old. Both boys... so far things are getting better and my baby is getting less and less fussy and able to comfort himself. By the way his name is Caleb.... its been wonderful being a mom and I hate the fact that I will be going back to work on December 5 :(


BBK ® © - October 14

Fabienne, hello again! Glad to hear all went well with the vaccines. How do you like California and do you miss France? Shelly is also a transplant from Holland.


Fabienne - October 14

Nice to 'meet' you Monica and BBK. BBK: I like California because both my husband and my son are here and they're my life :) - I have trouble adjusting to the waether though !! Can be soo hot !! I do miss France yes but we try to go regularly - we'll fly there for Christmas this year - hopefully ! My family there is anxious to meet Matthew.


Jadyns Mommy - October 14

Hi Fabienne. My name is Michelle and I am a first time mommy to my precious 5 month old Angel, Jadyn. I am 33 and I live in So Cal as well. I originally started watching the pregnancy board before Jadyn was born but I never said much because I had such a perfect pregnancy that I had no questions until the scary labor where we almost lost her but she is fine now and I am just a paranoid mom that loves this board to ask things that I dont want to bother her Dr about and I seem to learn something new everyday!!!!! Jadyn has a half brother through her father but I am hoping to have at least one more in 2 years :-)


CEM - October 14

hi Fabienne, i'm also a regular here. i think there are a lot of nice people to chat with and get advice from. i'm a canadian living in europe, and have 3 sons: almost 5, almost 3, and 3.5 months. they are also my life! i'm a stay-at-home mom, and look forward to getting to know you as well. :-)


jj - October 14

Hi Fabienne, i read this forum everyday, i think it may be addicting! :) i'm 29, a stay at home mum living in canada although i'm Australian. Still getting used to the climate here, wish it were warmer! I have a 2 month old daughter who we just love to bits!!


Soleil - October 14

HELLO everyone, I come here often. Name is Soleil, 20, hispanic, living in the D.C. area. Ive been on this website since I was pregnant last year. I have a 9mo. old baby girl. And soon am going to be able to stay home with her because I will be working from home! I am soo excited. Well she got her first 2 teeth at 4mo. and then just recently within the last couple of days she is starting to get 4 more teeth at the top. So she has been a bit fussy. Other than that she is a great baby! She is always happy!


Jamie - October 14

I'm here multiple times a day. I'm 23, American living in Germany; my husband is active duty Army. We have 1 child, a 2 month old girl named Serenity. She rarely lives up to the name, though.


Jenn... - October 14

I am sure I have taken advice from many of you. And if you have posted pics I have definately seen them 'cause I love looking at babies!! I live in Orlando, Fl with hubby and our baby boy Blake (4 months). I am definately a daily regular here, and have been since I got pregnant. I work from my computer and stay home with Blake. Nice to meet everyone :)


-m - October 14

My name is Michelle, I'm 22, and I visit this forum at least once a day. I don't post that often but I love to read the other posts. I live with my husband in northern Virginia and I have a 2 1/2 month old daughter named Taeya (my first). She is such a beautiful and happy baby. She is getting her 2 month shots on the 17th and I feel so bad for her. I'll just be glad when it's over.


monica to CEM - October 14

when does your little boy turn 5? my little boy turns 5 on october 24.


desiree - October 14

Hi Fabienne and everyone else! I love this helps me see that others are going through the exact same thing, and I am happy to give some advice once in a while if I can. I live on a farm in central Alberta, near Edmonton so it can be a bit isolated. I am 27 and on maternity leave for 1 year, I work at a nursing lodge. I have a wonderful 7 month old son named Keston who my husband and I both love to bits!!! We have lots of dogs and cats and I can't wait till spring and Keston can see the baby chicks!! He loves getting read too and just decided he hates oatmeal.:) I also started out in the preg. forum, which was wonderful for all the advice! Keep up the good work everyone!!


chelsey - October 15

Okay, so I goofed and introduced myself on another thread a few days ago, but I'll do it again! (Still sorry, BBK!) My name is Chelsey, I'll be 27 in just a few weeks. I have a daughter who will be 4 in December and a 3 month old little boy. I live in Calgary, Alberta, and stay at home with the kids while DH works very hard! I'm another one from the pregnancy forum, and pop in here every day, because I think I'm hooked! Nice to be introduced to everyone!


to monica from CEM - October 15

my son will be 5 on february 23rd. is yours mouthy? mine's starting to get quite sa__sy! and can't stop saying no....little turd! ;-)


to -m - October 15

Hey im also in northern VA, was curious to know what part? ~Soleil


-m - October 15

Hi Soleil. I live in Herndon, VA. My husband and I have been up here for a little over a year. Which part are you in? We just moved to Herndon from Reston, VA



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