Introducing Each Other

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-m - October 15

Hi Soleil. I live in Herndon, VA. My husband and I have been up here for a little over a year. Which part are you in? We just moved to Herndon from Reston, VA


Tahlia's Mama - October 15

Hi Fabienne, and everyone. My name is Emily and I'm 26. I'm a first time mum to Tahlia, who is 5 1/2 months old. Tahlia's Daddy, Tahlia, our cat Mis' and I live in a beautiful little house by the beach in Melbourne, Australia. I'm currently into the 7th month of 12 months maternity leave. To see some pics go to:


Soleil - October 15

Hey I was living in Arlington, before that Falls Church and D.C. I now live in Woodbridge.


Amanda N - October 16

Hello everyone. I am Amanda, 23 and live in Michigan with husband Adam, daughter Hadley (5.5months) and our dog. I am a stay at home mom. I started out in this board when I first found out I was pregnant. The pregnancy forum was very helpful for me and the infact forum has proven just as helpful. Nice to "meet" everyone.


Rachael mommy2lucas - October 17

I started frequenting this forum at about 8 mos pregnant. My two month old son Lucas is absolutely gorgeous. I am a first time mom. My name is Rachael and I live in the Cleveland Ohio area


Karen - October 17

Hi Fabienne I am 28 years old and the proud first time mom of 7 week old Kodi. I live in the Cayman Islands.


Shellly - October 18

Hi Fabienne,I am a first time mommy and miy baby is 10 weeks old.His name is jesse and you can see him at : http://Jessesallaboutme.piczo.comand click on "back to home" thats when he was little and "pictures"for the latest ones.I live in Oklahoma but i am originally from Holland (the netherlands) but i moved here 7 years ago and love it.I have been to Paris a couple times and it is lovely,the food is great that is something that I really miss,especially when i was pregnant LOL.What else? Oh i am 29 years old and i will try for baby #2 probably by the time i am 32.At least thats "the plan".What part of France are you from?


Shelly - October 18

I was reading every body elses very detailed introductions so here is the rest: I have been married to a wonderful dutch guy for the last 8.5 years,i have 3 dogs,6 indoor cats and currently fostering another dog.I am the vp of our local humane society :i love babies and animals (i am no PETA freak) and both keep me very busy.I also come on this site every day since i was pregnant.I guess we all "upgraded" to the Infant Care forum,and i love a lot of the people that post here.It's very helpfull and we have a lot of fun!!!



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