Introduction Of Solids To Baby

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andrea - June 1

i was wondering is two months too early to introduce cereal, my baby seems to always be hungry and he has double his birth weight, also he seems to be very interested when we eat...


chel - June 1

They say to wait until 4 months to start cereal. Babies have a risk of developing allergies if started too soon. I would speak with the pediatrician and see what they think.


Liz - June 1

My baby is 2 mos old as well and I'm thinking about the same. Sure the books and doctors say to start solids at 4mos but many moms for many years (as my mom tells me and others I have spoken to) have been adding a litte tiny bit of cereal into the bottle just before bed. So small the amount the you can't even notice a change in the consistency really and they say it really helps them sleep a little longer too! Some have tryed giving them a little from a spoon, because some argue that this may put them at risk for choking since they can't fully hold their head up yet but it is up to you. If you start with a little of the rice cereal for babies, I don't think you'll have any problems with allergies. I might try this too. speak to other moms and see what others have done but when in any doubt, it's best to ask your doc (even though they'll probably say wait til 4 mos :) Let me know how it goes!


SM - June 2

Personally, I did not give my daughter any solids until she was 5-6 months old. I first started her with cereal (and spoon feeding, not in a bottle) and gradually increased her food palate with baby foods and baby juices.


SweetNurse - June 2

Sleeping through the night has much more to do with neurological maturity, than with a full tummy. Breastmilk and Formula actually contain all the nutrients baby needs for the first years of life, BUT solids are introduced before then to accustom baby to different textures. Cereal is basically empty calories. It has very few nutrients, as opposed to b___stmilk or formula, which has all that baby needs. The baby's digestive system is simply not equipt for solids at such a young age. Yes, babies seem to handle it, but it is simply not good for their digestive system. Why rush your little one? They're only tiny for such a small amount of time. Enjoy the days of exclusively b___stfeeding or bottlefeeding. I b___stfeed my babies and start them on solids around 5-6 months. (AAP reccommends 4-6 months to significantly reduce the chances of diabetes and/or allergies)


andrea - June 3

Thank you all for your replies. I talked to the pedriatician, and when looking at my baby boy, he agree he might be ready for solids. ( he is 15 lbs and does not have the reflex to push away food).. any way we started with a tiny amount (1/4 teaspoon) of rice cereal. Since we introduce this he has slept thru the night! I guess each baby is different. Thanks again!


SweetNurse - June 4

No, every ped is different. Heck, my daughter's first ped told me nothing was wrong with her when she wasn't holding her head up at 9 months. They all make mistakes :) That is why I do research beyond my own pediatrician and don't just follow blindly.


Liz - June 4

I'm glad everything worked out and your baby is sleeping through the night!! :)


E - June 4

You may have a difficult time with solids at that age. Infants, up to a certain age, have a reflex that causes them to thrust their tounge out when eating. This may prevent your baby from taking in solids until he is ready. I am not sure what it is called but I am sure you could do a google.


E - June 4

Ooops. I just re-read your latest post. You already covered that. :)



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