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Gwenna-mom - April 3

I think there needs to be an introduction section here. It would help everybody understand what perspective people are comming from. I'll start: I'm married with 2 kids, 1 boy 3yrs, 1 girl 3 mos. I br___tfeed my girl with the rare supplemental bottle of formula. I work full time, so I spend an hour a day in the bathroom pumping. I believe vaccinations are important, I do not co-sleep, I plan to br___tfeed my girl for a year, and my son is circ_msized. Other then vaccinations-I won't go there-I am very open to suggestions regarding child rearing. I think I have some good advise to give, and definately could use some myself at times. I'm also a smart-alec, so when I respond and it sounds mean-I'm very sorry, it was meant to be funny.


Erin1979 - April 3

Well hello there Gwenna-mom! I'm Erin, I've been married for 2 years and I have a 7 month old little girl. We are talking about having another very soon. I am going back to work in a month (yikes!). I bf'd for 3 months then started formula. I'm much happier not bf'ing. I do not co-sleep, I believe vaccinations are important as well. I also am very open to suggestions when it comes to raising my daughter. We live in Canada, and I hope to meet lots of other first time mommies!! Thanks for starting this thread Gwenna-mom!!


krnj - April 3

Great idea! I'm married and I just had my first little boy. He's going to be 5 weeks old tomorrow. He is formula fed, circ_msized and I will be getting him vaccinated. We don't co-sleep. I'm eventually going back to work part-time. I'm an older first time mom so any advice would be appreciated!


Happy Mom - April 3

I have a 7 year old girl and a 8 month old boy. I b___stfeed, sleepshare, babywear, cloth diaper and we eat whole foods. We don't vaccinate, CIO or circ_msize. I like to exercise and generally be busy. I read a lot and like to think I am informed about important (to me) issues. And I love Survivor! (I think it is wonderful you take the time to pump Gwenna-mom.)


pbj - April 3

Hi Gwenna-mom, my name is actually Heather. I've been married for 7 years and I'm a first time mom to an almost 5 mth old girl. I'm a stay at home mom and hope to be until we go absolutely bankrupt (haha). I only b___st fed for 3 weeks, so she has been formula fed since. I believe in vaccinations and I do not co-sleep, well unless LO is not sleeping well and we all need to get some sleep, then she'll sleep on my dh's chest. We live in Orlando, Florida and did not plan to have children, but so glad we had a mishap; we would've never known what we were missing. I can be a smart-*ss as well, some times I mean it, but most of the time I don't. I am also open to suggestions, I usually make it clear if I'm not.


SonyaM - April 3

Hello all. My name is Sonya and I have been married almost 7 years. I have a son, Mitchell (almost 4) and a son, Mason 6 months. I formula feed (but would love to have b___stfed), dont' cosleep, believe in vaccinations and circ_msize. I am a stay at home mom after 7 years in the social work field. I am in San Antonio, Texas. I try to be openminded about other opinions and view points. I am a smarta__s too, but I save that for my friends and family!


MJM - April 3

Hello everyone. My name is Melissa. I have been married for 7 yrs it will be 8 in august. I only knew my dh for 2 weeks when we got married. We have a beautiful daughter named Shelby who is 5, and our wonderful little boy named Dewey Joseph (he is Dewey #5, so when we found out we were having a boy the poor thing already had a name) We call him DJ though. He is 12wks. Both of our children were planned. DJ took a little over 2 yrs to conceive. He is circ_msized. I have formula fed ever since birth. I tried to bf with my daughter and it did not work, so I did not want to put myself or my son through all of that stress. I have never co slept and never will. DJ gave up his pacifier when he was 8 wks, thank goodness. I do spoon feed him, I have for over a month now. Please no negative comments on that one. I don't need to defend myself and I hate negativity. I was an office manager up until I was 8 months preggers and now a stay at home mom for at least a year. Vaccinations are a must. I am 29 (going to be the big 3-0 at the end of April) and my dh is 35. We live outside of Carson City, NV. I love helping out ppl in the threads and like everyone's input. But like I said I hate negativity. I guess that about sums it up. My favorite show is Grey's Anatomy.


pbj - April 3

MJM...I am so hooked on Grey's Anatomy, I get sad those Sunday's when it's not on or a repeat. I've got problems, but I just love that d__n show.


CE - April 3

Hi Gwenna-mom and everybody else! My name is Carolyn. I have been reading this forum since I was about 3 months pregnant, but never really posted much despite reading it everyday. I have started recently and love it! I have been married for 3 yrs and have an 11 week old daughter! I tried to bf but it only lasted a few weeks! I do co-sleep sometimes and believe vac's are important as well. My dd has a milk allergy and reflux. She is on Simliac Alimentum and zantac for the reflux. I am always open to advise and am a sahm.


Ginny - April 3

This is fun! And I watched both Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy all the way through for the first time last night. I can see how they would be addictive. I am 23, been married 1 year, and I have a 9 week old daughter. I have b___stfed and pumped the whole time, and it's very rewarding (and I'm losing weight!) But during those draining times, or during the night, I completely understand those of you who formula feed! I went back to work at 6 weeks (cried all the way), even though we are doing all we can to pay off debt so that I can stay at home. I have a LOW stress, part time job doing billing, cashiering, and answering phones in a little service center (It's where I am now ; ). I had been against co-sleeping, because I didn't want to have the child sleeping with me up into grade school, but in the first 2 weeks I quickly learned that I could get more sleep that way! Now that she only eats once a night, she sleeps in the crib, sometimes, too. I am cloth diapering at home, and the sitters use disposable. This baby was a "surprise," so I can use all the help I can get! I love this website for that reason. However, the occasional drama gets under my skin, as I think that most people are only being bold and hurtful because they don't have to look any of us in the eye. Most of us are here for advise and comraderie, though, so I keep coming back! And the mixed information I've recieved about vaccinations concerns me, so I'm trying to learn more about them.


grandma - April 3

Grandma Gail here, I'm 43 have two children Shawn's 23 and Lauren is 22 (yep, 12months and 11 days apart) and granddaughter Sophie is 3 1/2 months! And we all live together...for now, waiting for uncle Shawn to find his own place:)


AudreyS - April 3

Hi My name is Audrey, i am 23 and a first time Mommy of a 4 month old son, I have been with my partner for 7 years, my pregnancy was not planned, but so happy it happened..I Breastfed for 3 months, once i came back to work i quickly dried....My son is circ_msized..I get all vaccinations, and Co-Sleep. Nice to meet you all...


jessb - April 3

Hey there. I am 25 years old married for almost 3 years and this is our first child. A little girl, she is 8 weeks tomorrow. I b___st fed for the first 6 weeks and now she is on formula. I am getting all the vacinations and sometimes will co sleep for a few hours in the morning, though I dont really like it, it makes me nervous. I too listen to any and all advice, whether i use it all is a different story!


MJM - April 3

pbj~ I am beyond addicted to Grey's. I actually stayed up and watched it last night. I usually DVR it and I am glad that I did watch it because we have a cable outage. I would have been man this AM if I did not see it. What is the deal with that show?? I love it. Deperate Housewifes is getting better also. I like it but Grey's still tops it. Will Meredith and George ever talk again? I know they will because of the way that he covered for her when her dad was there. I guess it is the simple pleasures of alone time watching TV without the dh and kids that us moms enjoy. I went grocery shopping yesterday and left both kids with the dh. What a pleasure that was. I was gone for almost 3 hours. I went to Target and Walmart. DH was man that is the longest shopping trip ever. LOL


Mommy - April 3

Hi everyone. I'm 18 years old, I have been married a year as of May 27th, been with my S.O. For 3 years. I have a 22 month old and an 11 month old. I'm a SAHM, me and DH vax, both my kids are circ_msized, we don't co-sleep, and I absolutely LIVE for the Sunday evening line-up on Fox. :o)


Shea - April 4

Hi there. My name is Shea and I have been married for almost 11 years. We have an 11 week old son and dh has 18 & 13 yr old sons also. DH is a sahd and I am a CPA. DS is circ_mcised, and vaccinated and we do not co-sleep. I bf for 8 weeks, including pumping at work, but now ff only. I live in Cincinnati, OH and also am addicted to Desp HW and Grey's Anatomy.


Ginny - April 4

Hey, Mommy, I love the Sunday Fox shows, too!! I was THRILLED when they brought family guy back! And I get so irritated when there is some kind of sports game that plays instead of King of the HIll. One day I said, "Why aren't they playing my shows? Who even likes football?" and my husband laughed and said, "About 95% of America."



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