Iron In Formula

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luvmyboys - May 2

I know about all the medical literature that says your baby HAS to drink iron-fortified formula, but I'm one of those people that doesn't necessarily believe everything "they"say. Anyway, I went to Walmart today to pick up formula and my son has been on Parent's Choice with iron. Well, they didn't have any so I bought some without iron. Then I compared the iron content when I got home just to see how different it actually is. Well, the stuff with iron has 6 mg of iron and the stuff without has 3 mg. Now, to me, this doesn't seem like a really big deal. So my question is, do you think that the whole "babies must have iron" thing is a little blown out of proportion? Is it ok for my baby to have formula without iron for a little while? It just seems a little ridiculous to me, that's all.


jessb - May 2

I would imagine its okay to give your baby the formula without the iron for a while, since you already purchased it. I mean they make that type of formula so some babies must use. Im not sure exactly how much iron they are supposed to get but i know its good for them......


Bonnie - May 2

I actually believe a lot of things do get b__wn out of proportion, but not the iron one. ;) Most babies have a general need for that extra iron, and while that doesn't seem like a huge difference, it is when they are that small. Iron is very important to help keep us from being anemic, and it is one of those things that you can have too little or too much of. MOST babies need that extra iron. There are some babies (though very few) that do not need it, plus the extra iron may give them constipation. I would not stop using iron fortified formulas unless you taolk to your ped. However....that being said, I don't think it's gonna do any harm to give one powder can of the stuff you got. His poop may be off as switching formula can really throw their tummies out of whack and it takes 2 weeks to adjust. But I wouldn't worry too much about it. I just wouldn't keep him on it without the ped testing his blood for iron levels first. :)


Emy - May 3

I agree with Bonnie. I switched to low iron once and the pediatrician said not to do it long term. They are made for babies who have medical conditions which prevent them from digesting iron but not for reg. babies. Iron is crucial for brain development at this age.



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