Is 4 Months Too Young To Cry It Out

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Aimes - January 25

I posted earlier about swaddling, and she's just not going for it. I ended up putting that arm back in and she was out in seconds. I feel like we really need to stop swaddling due to her age, and I am afraid we'll delay her motor skills (she sleeps from 9 at night until about 10 am w/ a bottle at like 6 am) becuase she's asleep so many hours of the day, plus her 3 hour nap she usually takes I feel like she doesn't have enough time to move around. I don't know what to do. Should I let her CIO??


Bonnie - January 25

Have you spokent to her doctor for advice yet? CIO, in my experience, is more about size and weight than age. Where is she at on the percentiles chart?


Aimes - January 25

She's pretty little. Weighs 12 lbs 12 ozs and is 24 inches long. She was only 5.8 at birth though. I think she's in the 30-40%. I haven't asked my Dr yet.


LisaB - January 25

imo 4 months is still too young. I really wasn't comfortable with cio until 6 months. Also my ped said anytime after 6 months. CHeck with your doctor though.


Bonnie - January 25

Aimes, 12 pounds is borderling for making it through the night. Based on her being small and also being small at birth, I agree with Lisa that she is probably a bit too young still. I would consult the pediatrician first.....ALTHOUGH, it depends on what you are considering CIO for. If we are talking CIO to make her sleep through the night with no feeds, then I would suggest to wait. If you are talking about getting her over the swaddling thing just to get her to go to sleep in the first place, that is something else entriely different. On that note, I would suggest that you not necessarily follow anyone's advice and just use your mommy instinct on that one. :)


Bonnie - January 25

Ugyh typos.....that was borderline*


Steph - January 25

My son is almost 7 months old and he is still swaddled....and I have no intention of stopping until he's ready for it. You won't delay your daughter's motor skills unless she is swaddled while awake instead of playing and tummy time activities. My daughter, who is now 8, was swaddled until she was almost one (I beleive)...and she did not have any issues. Your baby will let you know when she doesn't require the swaddle anymore...I wouldn't worry about it.


SuzieQ - January 25

I was told that cio is best for babies over six months of age. Also, if you decide to keep swaddling her, try out a product called "swaddle me" - if you google that you'll see what it is. Our dd is almost 4 most old and we love it. :)


mischelly30 - January 25

You know, I remember reading some research about the effects of putting babies in craddle boards on motor development (used a lot by some First Nation cultures). Anyhow, the research indicated that the craddle boards did delay the onset of developmental milestones, however, once the babies were no longer strapped to the craddle board, they quickly made up for the delays. So, what this suggests to me is that, yes, swaddling might delay your daugther a bit, but once you stop, she'll catch up quickly.



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