Is Anybody In A Mommy Group Or Baby Mom Group

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Danielle19 - February 24

i've thinking about joining a mommy baby group they have at our hospital, just so i can meet new friends, since i don't really have many and for something to do, is anyone apart of one and how do you like it, being on here is like one, but i just missed face to face adult conversion, since i don't get out much now


shelly - February 24

I joined one with my older ds 9 years ago but i found it clicky and hostile,maybe i went to a dodgy one but it put me off, but there are loads of nice ones[i hope]because id like to join one with my younger ds now. your hospital one will proberly be really nice and you can meet lots of nice people with the same age kids and common interests etc. give it a go,im going to join up in a couple of weeks. good luck daniellex


ssmith - February 24

I go to 2 groups. One is an organized group that you have to register for. They teach you songs and interactive rhymes etc to do with your LO. Then there is "sharing time" and free play afterwards. I lOVE it!! So does my dd. The second group I go to is in the same building, and it's just a "drop-in" play group for babies. They set out all sorts of toys, books etc that are appropriate for babies on a big carpet, and you just play and chat with other moms. I REALLY enjoy them because I see the same Moms every week and you get to build a bit of a relationship with them and their kids. They are great!!!


Erynn21 - February 24

I just started going to one, and I will go again. I live in a small, rural community and now that my dd is 5.5 months I was ready to get a little more involved w/ a mom's group. It's informal, we introduce ourselves and talk about our children or anything going on in our lives. They also make food for mom's who are just having a baby. They had invited me many times, but I never went. Now I want to go again, try it out and see what you think, you may like it or you may not.


mcatherine - February 24

I joined one and I didn't like any of the mothers. There are several of them, so I just have to find the right one, knim?


ash2 - February 24

You can find one in your own area at meetup. com


mandee25 - February 25

I may join one this summer at the local library if they have one.


HANNAHs Mom - February 25

I signed up for mom & baby cla__ses at the YMCA and at Gymboree. They were a load of fun. A few friends and I also take turns holding playdates at each others homes....key...keep em' small...that way they are so much more relaxing for all...


Erin1979 - February 25

I joined an online group when my dd was about 6 months. We have a playgroup once a week at a local Yearly years centre (which has cla__ses you can join.)


Heather F - February 25

I go to two groups, one is at my local library and they have a cla__s for the babies twice a week - we love it and then my second gorup is called the mothers connections, it is a non for prophit oraganization that facilitates play groups in my area. Its run by moms and every tuesday we meet for a playdate, there are about 15 moms with babies born within 2 months of my baby and we have been going since my dd was 3 months old - it has been amazing to watch the other babies grow and for my dd to interact with them. Its kept me sane as a stay at home mom!


babyboy46 - February 25

I couldn't survive w/out my mommy groups!!! I am a SAHM, but by no means do I stay home! I belong to many different groups and have made so many mommy friends. You should definitely do as much as you can!!!!! It is a wonderful thing to be with other moms!


Momof5 - February 25

I take Kaden to kindermusik and he loves it! I get to be around other Gals and he has a ton of fun!! Look up You can then find a cla__s is your area.



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