Is Anyone Afraid To Drive Cause Of Baby

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Nini - January 31

Hi ladies ,well i'am terrified to drive my car especially freeways,i spend most of my time on the streets.I'am so scared that a car might hit me from behind when my baby is in the back.It is so bad that i avoid doing anything untill my boyfriend gets home from work.It all started once i had the baby ,the day that i came home i just dreded the car.Even when other people are driving i'am on the edge of my seat,i'm way more comfortable with myself driving and that is to a extend.I try not to watch the news cause i see so many accidents that are horrible and then it depresses me.When my daughter was born i seen a accident outside of my window, where a 75 yr old lady ran up on the side walk killing a 14 yr old boy at the bust stop.About 2 weeks later I seen a accident where the car crumbled on the freeway and the coroners were there to get the body.Guys am i crazy or is there anyone else who hates to drive?


Mommy - January 31

OMG, I completely understand! I am nervous about getting my liscense and until I am COMPLETELY comfortable with driving the only way I will take the boys in the car is during an absolutely have to moment. Otherwise DH will do all the baby related errands.


hp - January 31

I hate driving, but I have to. I have to drop off my son at his grandma's house , its about 30 miles from home. My hubby gets to pick him up. Lots of driving. Wish they have great public transpotation system here, like in NY, London, Japan. But you know it'll never happen in the US where the car and oil industries won't let it happen. I work in trauma center hospital , so many trauma victims from motor vehicle accidents.


me too!!! - January 31

i hate driving by myself, bc i can't see what the baby is doing back there, it must be lonely for them...poor things. :(


shaylanrae - January 31

ive driven like 4 times since ds was born... twice to the grocery store, once to a baby shower, and once to an appointment.. i hate driving!


KrYstaL - January 31

I was like that for the first little while. i was terrified to drive with the baby in the car and on the way home i was freaking out. it's gotten much better now. i'm not so nervous and he gets out for car rides here and there.


Lillie E - January 31

i was like that, my driving changed so much, but i'm EXTREMELY defensive when driving... i think another thing is how comfertable you are in the car you drive. i feel very comfertable in our car and i think that has a lot to do with it. some vehicles i just DON'T want him in.


Shelly - January 31

I think all mothers are pretty nervous with driving while the baby is in the vehicle,they are so fragile,but...I think..and it is just my opinion that you may be traumatized by being a witness to 2 of those horrific accidents.You may want to talk to yourdoctor about it.Are they giving you nightmares,or do you think about it when you are not even in the car?


Nini - February 2

I really probaly need to get a new car and maybe that will make me fill alot better.i have a 2005 nisssan altima and even though they are kinda big they just fill so tiny.I need to get a suv even though i hear that they tip over easy i would fill alot better.........thanks girls for your input it makes me fill alot better.


Heidi - February 2

Me too. I went out and bought a newer caravan just cus of that reason. I didn't feel safe in our little car with her anymore.


Narcissus - February 2

I am paranoid that my car will start on fire and I won't be able to get to my son on time, or I will fumble trying to get him out of his car seat. I avoid driving with him at all costs. I also avoid flying bc I am paranoid we will crash and something will happen to him. The vulnerability that I feel is an awful feeling. My happiness is 100% contigent on my son's safety and health.


L...Hannah's Mom - February 2

I was the same exact way with my first baby. I did not drive anywhere alone with her for the first 12 weeks. Second baby is an different story...I was out with my children in a couple weeks. Now my big fear is flying. I want to go and visit my sister in Texas but I so worried that something will happen to me and my kids will be left without a mother.


lynnstress - February 2

Not me - I'm afraid when hubby is behind the wheel, though! His driving has always made me nervous, and I get postively nuts when he's driving and we are all in the car.


Chelsey - February 2

It's not my driving that worries me, its the other morons on the road that are allowed to have licenses! I'm pretty cautious and safe while driving especially with the kids in the car, but I'm always on the lookout for potentially crazy drivers!


Nini - February 3

Yeah I'am not afraid of my driving ,it is just that other people are so stupid and don't give a d__n about anyoneNOT EVEN THEIRSELVES.Hpoefully i will get over this feeling cause mentally it is bugging me.I'am so afraid that someone will hit me from behind,OR sideways or d__n it dosen't even matter i'am still paronaid.


JimmyD - March 1

I am terrified to drive with my daughter in the car. I have a pretty severe case of OCD that I've been dealing with for about ten years now and ever since my daughter was born 15 months ago, it's gotten worse, I'm so worried of something happening to her. One of the things I have the hardest time with is driving with her in the car for fear of almost accidentally hitting a pedestrian, then getting mad, pulling out a gun and firing at my car, I've lost my confidence to judge whether someone is walking where  im turning. I try to avoid driving as much as possible with her in the car. When I push myself to do it I end up having an anxiety attack because I'm not sure if my worst fear actually happened. I know I can't keep going on like this and that I need to drive like normal. It's just the thought terrifies me. Is there anyone else out there that has experienced this? I really feel like I'm alone on this one.



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