Is Anyone Else A Chauffer For Their Baby

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Lee - August 15

All I do is drive my baby around. This is the only thing that really calms him down, I have tried EVERYTHING! All else only works for a short time. To parents who have experience with this, when does the driving end???? If you are in the same boat now, please share!


Lee - August 15

Oops forgot, he is three months old....


Janet - August 15

I am not constantly driving but sometimes I have to take a ride to get him to nap. He almost always falls asleep in the car. My son is 6 months.


Tami - August 15

I have heard that taking a baby into the bathroom and running the shower while you walk around or rock them might help. It works for my nephew.


Jbear - August 16

I didn't do the car thing with my daughter, because it was a real squeeze getting the car seat into my pickup. Instead, I put her in a Snugli and just walked around with her for hours. Sometimes she would settle in her swing, too. I'm not going to drive my new baby (she'll be here in 2 days!) around either, because of the price of gas. I'm thinking of buying a bouncer that vibrates (It costs less than one tank of gas right now). If that doesn't work, we'll take lots of walks with her in the stroller and my 3 year old riding her trike.


Barbara - August 16

My son loves his swing! It's a life saver it is the papasan swing from Babies r us. He can sleep in there for 1-2 hours probably 5 times a day...


kEEKEE - August 16

My baby wasn't a car person. He loved his swing and bouncer. Try the swing with music. Music always seem to work. My guys love to hear music and rock. Try it....It may stop some of the driving. Take care


Alli - August 16

My doctor told me to try putting my son in a bouncer next to the dryer while it is running...


Melissa - August 17

Try using a baby carrier like a Kelty Kangaroo pack or a Snugli. This way your baby is close to you and your hands are free to do other things.


N - August 18

AHH! jbear i was just going to say get a bouncer that vibrates.. it was a lifesaver for us. If he was still kind of fussy in the bouncer, i would vacuum.. that always worked.. the snugli and swing worked really well at times too.(i didn't drive though, so when my hubby was at work, i was stuck) I would also take breaks.. when there were things i just had to do (like go to the bathroom) i just put him down, did what i needed to do, he was still in sight and i told him exactly what i was doing and why (mommy has to pee, so you have to wait there one minute and i'll be right back there to get you). It didn't help at the time, but when he started to understand what we were saying, it was all i ever needed to do. Good luck Lee, it will get better i promise.


Jen - August 19

I had to do the snugli and walk for hours with my son. It has lasted from 2-4months. Hopefully it won't last too long since the cost of gas is getting so high.



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