Is Anyone Else Shedding Like CRAZY

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Nerdy Girl - May 2

I feel like I am losing a ton of hair everyday. Is anyone else? My husband is always having to unclog the sink and shower drains in our bathroom. Could this be due to hormones this far post-partum? My son is now 5 months old, and I stopped br___tfeeding at about 3 months old. I feel like I have been shedding excessively for about a month now. I am so scared that I will start to look like I have thinning hair, but thankfully so far it does not look like it's thinner. But for the amount of hair that I see coming out, I am shocked that I am not bald! Sheesh........


hrsmith - May 3

the same thing happened to me. i think it's pretty normal. my son is 6 months and my hair isn't falling out as much.


QQ - May 3

I also started losing hair when my DS is about 3 months old. I've read articles about it. They say it's from the changing hormone levels.


Nerdy Girl - May 3

This is my 2nd baby, and I just don't recall the shedding being this bad after my 1st. Oh well... keep your fingers crossed that it stops!


Chelle - May 3

Same here. I started losing hair at 3 months post also, and I'm still losing it at 9 months post. Thankfully I have really thick hair so you can't tell just by looking at it but I can tell by feeling it that it has thinned out a lot. My drains were cloging also so what I do is run my fingers through my hair while I'm washing it to get the excess hair out and put it in the trash can instead of letting it go down the drain. The good news is I can see my hair starting to grow back. I lost a lot right above my ears so now I have this short hair that sticks out, I hate it! But at least it's growing back.


Ca__sieSong - May 3

YES!!!! I started shedding at about 2 pp months and still am at almost 5. I can tell my hair is thinner now, but I also see new hair growth at my hair line on my forehead... what a relief! lol. Every day in the shower, I can pull out a big gob of hair. It is digusting. Then throughout the day, I get hair all over the place. My dd always has a strand or two in her little hands!


austinsmom - May 3

I wonder if this has anything to do with the prenatal vitamins? I still take mine cause......I baby is 4 months and 1 week and I have not had this shedding problem.....before I got pregnant I would have this problem occa__sionally but since pregnancy and the prenatal vitamins I am good to go......anyone else still taking their vitamins and still having the problem with their hair coming out????


Crissy - May 3

This happened to me too! I was worried at the time (my dd was 5 months) because everywhere I read said that your hair falls out about 2 months postpartum. I just decided to wait it out, and it has stopped now (she is now 7 months). Good thread! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one this happened to! :-)


HANNAHs Mom - May 3

Happened to me too and I am still taking prenatal vits. My hair started coming out around 5 months pp and finally stopped around 8 months pp. It was a welcome relief though...besides finding clumps of hair everywhere, my hair was so long and thick I could hardly get it in a ponytail anymore!


jg - May 4

I shedded ridiculously from three months until about seven months - I thought it was never going to end and although I have really thick hair, it got quite thin around the front, but now a few months later it is growing back really thick again.


Nerdy Girl - May 5

I am still on prenatal vitamins too. I hope that I am like the rest of you ladies and see this decrease over the next couple of months.


Lillie E - May 7

i actually found out info on this when i was pregnant. when your pregnant, you don't shed the hair you usually do. i think its becuase of the hormones... and your nails are stronger and stuff becuase of the hormones and the vitamins. the hair your shedding now is actually the hair you should have been shedding the 9 months you were prego.



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