Is BLUE Poop Normal

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Mitone Griffith - July 12

My daughter is 4 weeks old today. I am a first time mom. Sometimes I think God forgot to give me mommy skills. But I worry over everything. I tried br___tfeeding but my milk never came in. So I had to use formula. My baby's poop is teal blue for her first poop of the day, and I wonder is this a bad thing? If not, what causes this?? Iron in the formula?? I even started a website, at to see if I get someone to tell me what it is. I couldn't find anything online.


soleil - July 12

Hey, i wasnt able to b___st feed my baby either for long due to lack of milk. I dont remember seeing blue poop but I will try looking it up. Have you asked your doctor? Maybe you should give him a call. Sorry I wasnt much of help. Good Luck.


Lacy's Mom--Mitone - July 12

it seems like a silly thing to bug the doc about--but he has said over and over again that she is healthy and thriving...and I am constantly checking her temp with that forehead temperature thing we found at wal-mart, and it always comes back normal. doc told us the only major reason to ever bring her in is if she has a temp of 100. so I guess I am just paranoid! Thanks, soleil--mitone,


JenniferB - July 12

Well, I just looked it up and all I found was green poop. Green can be caused by iron in the formula that isn't being absorbed. That was the only reason that would apply to a 4 week old. I would call the doctor anyway to ease your mind. It is probably nothing buy my pediatrician said that there isn't a stupid question. He would rather I ask and answer a silly question than never be asked when it might be something to worry about. Relax :0) Hard thing to do isn't it?


Jbear - July 13

When you're a first-time parent, your pediatrician expects lots of questions, some silly and some serious. Blue poop seems like a good enough question to me. My daughter has pooped blue before, but she had the runs and was drinking pedialyte, which was blue. When they get older, black frosting makes green poop, watermelon makes scary-looking poop...I'm just looking forward to the day when I don't have to see ANY of my daughter's poop. - July 19

when i had my first baby and the first time her poop was weird lookin, i called mom. after my discussion with her, i told her "make me a poopy chart" LOL Different colors mean different things. Such as the green USUALLY means that the baby is sick such as cold or flu. But don't feel bad if you want to call the doc, absolutely NOTHING wrong with that.


ilostreality - February 1

I'm getting the exact same poop issue but mixed with other symptoms which make me think its an allergy to something..


1_4_The_Road - February 1

Is this a fake post for a website? ... blue poop lol who does this stuff?


Mari26me - February 1

actually my daugther's poop is teal coloured beecause she on the Nestle Good Start formula. I told my doc and she said that the good start formula does that to the poop. I guess becauase of the iron.


nicunurseangel - March 4

I am a NICU nurse. Blue stool(pale) can mean liver/bile duct problems. Trust your instincts always. Too many calls or lots of doc visits is better then not enough!


nicunurseangel - March 4

blue infant stool can indicate liver/bile duct problems. Make an appointment. Better safe than sorry



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