Is Breastfeeding Helping You To Lose Weight

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Madys mommy - June 12

This is my third child, and she is the only one that i have br___tfed. The question is does b/f help you to shed those postpartum pounds? i have heard some women say that after 1 year of b/f they weighed less than they did when they got preg. My daughter is 5 months now and I feel like i'm losing the weight a little bit at a time but i was curious if anyone else is experiencing the same?


LisaB - June 12

I bf and am 6 lbs lighter than before I got preggo. However I am running and lifting weights, I was also a bit heavier when I got preggo as this was my third pregnancy in 9 months due to an ectopic and a miscarriage so I was carrying some extra weight. Ds is 7 months and I am still losing, have 5 more to go to be where I am happy.


Rabbits07 - June 12

My ds is 10 weeks and I have lost 32 pounds so far...(of course about 15-20 of that was baby, fluid, etc.)....I have been averaging losing around 1 pound a week. I also b___stfeed. It's been my experience that b___stfeeding helps me to lose the weight quicker. I've heard alot of women say that it didn't seem to help them, so I guess different women have different things that work.


TCB - June 12

My DS is 4 weeks 2 days and i have already lost 22 pounds!!!


Annette - June 12

I am 4 months pp, b___stfeeding and still have 18 pounds to lose (I gained 26 with the pregnancy, baby included. For some reason after my baby was born, I still had 20 on....fluids, maybe?). I read just yesterday that MOST women lose weight the second 6 months after giving birth. Just in case, I started exercising, eating healthier and crossing my fingers.


ssmith - June 12

I was thinner than before I was pregnant 2 weeks after my daughter was born!! She's 6 weeks now, and I have lost all of my pregnancy weight. It must be at least partly due to b___stfeeding. It's great!! I just want to tone up my tummy a bit. My girl was 9lb 4 oz at birth, so needless to say--she left me with a bit of a squishy tummy. I agree with Rabbits though--it's different for everyone...2 of my girlfriends said that b___stfeeding didn't make any difference for them. I consider myself VERY lucky!!


luvbendict - June 12

I ve gained 50 pounds during my pregnancy. I b___stfed my ds until he was 10 mths old and my weight kept going down every month. I did not do any excercise/ dieting so I think it must be the b___stfeeding helped me losing the pounds. By the time my ds 8 months old my weight was back to normal.


mama3 - June 12

You ladys are soooo lucky. I BF my 2nd baby An I actually gained weight. Most all my friends lost weight while BF. I think it might have alot to do with each persons motabalisom and how much activity they have. Congrats to you all.


Jamie - June 13

My 10 month old was exclusively b___stfed for 6 months - she still is b___stfed occa__sionally, but is primarily on solid foods. I gained 75 pounds during my pregnancy, lost 30 at the hospital, and haven't lost an ounce since. I recently had my thyroid checked, because I eat well and exercise regularly, but that test came back as normal. My doctor did say that some women don't lose weight until after they stop b___stfeeding for some reason, and that I may be one of those women.



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