Is He Not Eating Enough

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ConnorsMommy - January 30

My ds will be 13mos. in about a week and he used to eat so well. But now it seems like he eats next to nothing.. I'm guessing it's because he's still on formula and it's filling him up during the day. He drinks about 6oz. of formula when he wakes up, another 6oz. for his morning nap, about 4oz. for his afternoon nap, and about 4-6oz. before bed. I try to feed him as many table foods as I can, but usually most of it ends up on the floor. For breakfast (about an hour after his cup of formula) he'll eat maybe 1/4 of a waffle (or the equivalent of)... and then around 1pm he'll MAYBE eat 1/4 of a sandwich.. and then dinner at 6pm is usually about a handful of stuff from my plate (sometimes that's the only way he'll eat at dinner time, if it's MINE! last night I was able to get him to finish a stage 3 jar food. That just doesn't sound like enough to me... He's 23lbs. 10oz. and 29.5'' tall and his ped. says he's perfectly (but I didn't mention his eating habits)..Should I take him off the formula??..


ashtynsmom - January 30

It sound like to me is growing just fine. Ashtyn will have these days, but she is off formula. At least you know with the formula- he is getting SOME nutrients. Maybe ttry decreasing the amt of formula he takes, so that he will increase his "real" food intake. Maybe cut out his morn bottle and just give cereal or waffle, or whatever. Just give it to him at naptimes. Not at meal times. My philosophy is IF THEY ARE HUNGRY- THEY WILL EAT.


sahmof3 - January 30

I agree w/ Ashtynsmom. Also, kids usually hit a time when they are becoming more mobile and active that they don't eat as much. And their growth rate begins to slow, too.


ConnorsMommy - January 30

I absolutely agree with your philosophy ashtynsmom (if they're hungry- they'll eat).. I'm just worried that if I DO decrease the amount of formula, he won't get enough nutrients that he needs (like iron... how much iron does he need?..).. and I think I'm afraid because it's comforting knowing that formula DOES have a lot of nutrients.. And the foods that he does LIKE to eat, I know aren't the best things for him (waffles, pancakes, sweet stuff, etc.). And he is REALLY mobile.. I guess he'd rather be walking around and playing instead of sitting still to eat.. How do I get to to eat the right amount of fruits and veggies? He only has four teeth so the 'real' fruits and veggies are too hard for him.. should I feed him jar food?..... sorry for all the questions... I don't know why I'm panicking all of a sudden about him... lol


bradylove - January 30

totally agree...remember that their stomachs are pretty small compared to ours. According to my nutritionist, a portion of bread for a toddler is actually only about a 1/4 of a slice. I would definitley keep up with the jar food if he is still not able to chew textures that well. He sounds just like my first ds (2 bottom and 2 top teeth until 16 months). I used to mill a lot of our food like rice, potatoes, noodles etc ...Do you plan on switching him to whole milk?


ConnorsMommy - January 30

I actually switched him to whole milk about 2 weeks before he turned one (around x-mas time). I had him on it for about 3 weeks, but the entire 3 weeks that he was on it, he had really bad diaper rash.. his pediatrician said it was probably due to an allergic reaction to the whole milk (because once I switched back to the formula, the rash disappeared).. so she said to wait a little bit longer to switch him completely.. I've been doing half and half once a day and plan on slowly switching to just whole milk.


Rabbits07 - January 31

I know that the recommended formula intake for a 1 year old is 24-36 oz. once they transition to whole milk the recommended intake drops to like 16 oz. per day so it probably is all the formula he is drinking that is keeping him from eating room for it. If you feel more comfortable giving him formula there is no reason to change to whole milk all at once. It's not the fact that it is formula, it's just the amount he's drinking. Maybe try dropping one of the bottles and try a meal in it's place? 3rd stage baby food is still fine at this age if he's not real accustomed to table food as of yet.


ConnorsMommy - January 31

Thanks Rabbits.. that's good info. I'll try skipping his morning cup of formula tomorrow and just giving him 'real' food instead and see how that goes.. and then maybe giving him less in his cup for nap times. I wish he was more accustomed to eating table foods.. he loves them.. but the pieces have to be SO small and since he only has four teeth, it takes forever.. if I make the pieces any bigger, he just swallows them whole.. it's like he's given up on trying to chew.



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