Is It Gas

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Ba8y6irl - June 8

All my daughter does before when she is semi awake is make grunting noises... she looks like she is constantly stuggling. I dont know how to fix it. After I feed her and rock her, and she is almost sleeping, I put her down in her crib and all she does is lay there and grunt. I dont get it, she is tired and usually falls asleep after but it can go on for like 30 min! She does it when she is waking up too... she doesnt cry, she grunts... my dh thinks she's sick, but I dont think that at all. She is only a week old and I just dont get it!!


pbj - June 8

Sounds like she maybe needs to burp. How long are you waiting to lay her down after she eats? also are you making sure she burps? If she does not burp the gas will continue to travel down her digestive system and can at times be a little uncomfortable. This is a mistake that I made in the beginning. My poor LG wouldn't always burp so I thought she was ok, but she always had so much gas because of it; until I figured out from our nurse that I wasn't do it right. I would keep an eye on it too...I'm not sure (Bonnie could tell you), but grunting could also be a sign of reflux I think, but don't hold me to that.


numba1cutie6t9 - June 8

my son grunts ALL The time too. Thats all the noise he makes. Its weird because he has plenty of messy diapers(its not constipation)


Ba8y6irl - June 8

I do burp her, but she doesnt always want to burp. Maybe I am doing it wrong... I will look into the reflux thing...


pbj - June 8

Babies do grunt regardless too. I will say I always burped my daughter by patting her between the shoulder blades and I could never get her to burp. That is until my best friend told me to burp on the lower back...then it worked. My stupid MIL saw me doing this and never offered to show me the correct way. You just have to find what works for ypur LO. Sometimes they like to be laid over your lap face down...that didn't work for me, but it does for others.


galvquodi - June 8

My baby did the same. Try elevating her head by placing something under her matress. My kid ended up not sleeping on her back at all but only on her tummy. I hope eleveting her head helps, it will save you some worries about tummy sleeping. Good luck


Ba8y6irl - June 13

thats a good idea thanks!!


YC - June 13

Babies do grunt a lot. I am sure you have checked this but how is her breathing? My dd was taken back to the nursery when she was 2 days old for grunting. They checked her oxygen levels. She was fine. The ped. told me that grunting in a brand new baby can be a sign that they are struggling to clear their airways. I am sure this is not the case for you since your baby is already a week old. Just FYI. Congrats on the new baby!


austinsmom - June 13

I had a heckuva time burping my lo too and finally figured out a better way.......I will start at lower back one one side and pat sideways over to the other side and when I reach the other side I would move up a notch and continue to the other side and keep going up his back till I reach shoulder blades this seemed to work well for me also if you sit them in you lap and fold him over your arm bending him over a little so there is a little pressure on his belly and pat the way I said earlier that seemed to get the hardest burps out......hope it helps have a lotta burping ahead of you lol....



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