Is It Just My Baby

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worried mom - November 8

Hi ladies, I am a new mom and I noticed that everytime my baby moves or when I pick him up, I can hear clicking sounds from his shoulders, neck, elbow, ankle and wrist, it really freak me out. I am so afraid of holding him now...


Heidi - November 8

I didn't notice that with my newborn. I'd call her doctor in the morning and ask. I didn't read anything about this in any of my books either. I'd check into it.


sam - November 9

i've heard the clicking sounds comes from around the shoulder area when i pick him up from under his little arms. it doesn't happen everytime he moves though, maybe you have an extreme might want to check with your doctor about that.


Shelly - November 9

I remember a couple weeks ago there was a posting on this same matter.I can't really recall what it was but i don't think it was serious and there were more babies with it. Try to stay calm,call the doc tomorrow to get an exact answer,and please post it,i will try to remember for the next one in a couple weeks!!!


worried mom - November 9

I have an appointment with the pediatrician next monday. I will keep you guys updated.


Sarah - November 13

Hmm, any updates for this post? I've noticed clicking sounds from my baby also. I'd like to know if it's something I should be worried about.


CEM - November 13

This also happened to my baby until he was about 3 months old. I never took him to the doctor for it, it just went away on its own. I'm not sure what it is, but I think it's probably just that their little bones are still soft and developing from being in the womb, and "give" a little bit when being handled.


Katie - November 13

I would think that it is the same thing that causes your joints to pop.


to sarah - November 14

Hi sarah how old is yr baby? My dr said it might be the mother's hormone during pregnancy caused the baby's ligament to be loose.



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