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SarahLuv - February 20

im not sure if this is normal of babies, or if i should ask his pediatrician..shes on vacation this week..but anyways, when we carry him, sometimes he will scrunch his body up and tighten and make this grunting noise. its sort of like hes cringing? he also does this in the car, when we're stopped at a light, and then go on the green, he would tense up and ball his hands into fists and looks like hes just pressing himself back against his carseat. i dont know how to describe it any better than this. anyone elses babies do this?


olivesmom - February 20

My daughter does something that sounds the same. In fact I posted a messgae called flaily/squimy baby. My daughter does this very often. She will tense up her whole body almost like she cannot calm herself down. I notice it a lot when I am feeding her --sometimes her arms get so tense, she knocks the bottle out of my hand. It never really seems to be anything that bother her. I also notice that her head sometimes bobs in and out. It is very weird. I never asked my ped. about it becasue it didn't seem to bother my daughter at all.


SarahLuv - February 21

olivesmom, i read that post because my son squirms during feedings too, but this is different. hes not squirming or flailing, but sort of b___s himself hes afraid to be dropped? that sort of feeling..? he tenses up as if anticipating something.


olivesmom - February 21

I wonder if it is the same thing?? My daughter seems as if she does not have any control over her body when this happens. She is doing it right now as I type--in her bouncy seat. Her arms are flailing up and down, her legs are moving and her breathing is very rapid. It tends to be a problem when she is trying to fall asleep--it will wake her up. I have tried swaddling, but she only sleeps with her hands abover her head. So--when I swaddle her she grunts and crys because she can't get her hands out. Sometimes, I will hold her hands still so she can fall asleep. I have no idea what it is?!?!? I have her two month appt. on March 1st and will ask my ped. about it. I am sure she will say it is normal behavior as long as it is not bothering her. To me, it just seems like something happens to her body or nerves and she can't calm herself.......


Heidi - February 21

Maybe they are trying to poop. How old is your little one? Emma is 4 months old and she'll scrunch up when I'm holding her cus she has a tummy ache and is ga__sy. She'll do a lot of kicking and squirming when she's ga__sy or trying to pooh. She'll also squirm a lot when I'm nursing her if she needs a burp or has a belly ache.


SarahLuv - February 21

ive noticed that during feedings, if i burp noah whens hes particularly squirmy, it helps. and sometimes as he squirms around, he'll pa__s gas and stop squirming. if he continues to throw his head around, and refuses to suck, i pull the bottle away because hes full. when we put him down to sleep, sometime shis arms will flail too, seems he startles quite a bit and hes 2 and a half months old. but this is different. its not during feedings. its whenever we carry him around. most often he does it when we're going up the stairs. its as if hes afraid of heights or something. or have you ridden on roller coasters? when you go down a dip, and your body is forced back into your seat..? noah does that..he pulls in tight and doesnt move anything for a few seconds, and he grunts. my mother noticed he does this quite frequently now, and it started after i took him to the mall and we rode the elevators. is there a correlation?



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