Is It Normal For My 17 Week To Be Too Dependant On The Paci

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julieB - July 14

When I lay my ds down at night he is ok.. If the paci happens to fall out of his mouth he will scream bloody murder until I put it back in .. He will again sleep like a baby.. I worry that maybe he is too dependant on the paci.. Is that ok or should I ween him off??


jas - July 14

"Experts" say he should be paci free by 4 months. They should be using a tranitional object (like a small stuffed animal or blankie) - however (this is in the same book, mind you) they should not have a transitional object with them in the crib until they are 6 months old. What they are supposed to do for two months is beyond me. With our first son, he had his paci until he was a year old. On his birthday we tossed them - he was fine. We will probably do the same with our 3 1/2 month old. He, too, likes his paci at night. And if all I have to do is get up and pop it back in to get a few more hours of sleep - hey, I usually have to go to the bathroom anyway.... You see toddlers in the mall with binkies who are 2-3 years old. The choise is up to you...


hrsmith - July 15

hi julie b. my son is 81/2 months and i still use th e pacifier. the same thing happened to me when my son was your age. Eventually my son figured out how to put it back in his mouth. what i found is that he woke up less often as the weeks progressed, so i didn't have to get up that often to put it back in his mouth. I know every child is different so i can't say this will happen to you, but i have also notices that my son doesn't need the pacifier as much during the day. i try not to give it to him unless he needs it. It's so cute now a days because when he is playing on the floor or in one of his bouncy seats, he will find the pacifier and put it in his mouth only when he wants it. For me, i don't worry too much about when should be the right time to ween him off of it. however, i do know it will be before the age of two and that the weening will be targeted more towards the day to begin with. I am not as concerned with the night time sleeping with the pacifier as I am with it during the day.


julieB - July 15

Thank you for your responses.. My mother has been harping about me giving Jadon a blanket or a stuffy.. It sometimes bothers me that when it falls out of his mouth he wakes up like he has has a nightmare or something.. thank you.. I will try to ween him off when he is ready.. thank you



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