Is It Normal For My 8 Week Old To Move His Head Irratically

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julieB - May 10

Sometimes my ds moves his head very irratically from side to side.. kinda like a rainbow direction pretty quickly... or like Stevie Wonder.. I have counted, and he will do it about 12-15 times in a row despite me talking to him and looking directly in his face.. He will not even see me.. I have to physically hold his head and then talk to him.. I get worried that maybe it is neurilogic.. I have never seen a baby do that.. It can very well be normal but I hope someone can ease my mind..


Rabbits07 - May 10

None of mine have ever done it that I can remember, but that doesn't mean it isn't normal. At 8 weeks babies still don't have a whole lot of control over things. If you are concerned I would have him checked by the pedi just to make sure.


Jamie - May 10

If you're concerned, bring it up at your next well-baby check up.


jb - May 10

I wouldn't worry. My dd did that while she was still unable to hold her head up. It is funny that you say it looks like Stevie Wonder because dh and I said the same thing!! As my dd's neck gets stronger her imitation of Stevie lessens. She is now 12 weeks old. Occasionally we still get a good wobble in there.


YC - May 10

I am not sure if this is the same thing bu my dd does that when she is sleepy. when she is on her back and not quite asleep she will move her head back and forth. I never thought of Stevie Wonder before but that's exactly what it looks like. I asked the dr. and he said it was normal. There are also a few others in out baby group who do the same thing. The sad this is she has a bald strip on the back of her head where she does that. Poor baby LOL!!!


olivesmom - May 10

My dd is 4 1/2 months old and she does that exact same movement. It is when she first falls asleep or is very close to waking up. I have never seen her do it when she is awake.


tiffani - May 10

You say she does it 12-15 times in a row, is that in a 1 minutes time, 10 minutes, 15??? I would call your pediatrician tomorrow just for the hell of it. Might as well be on the safe side. If nothing else, you'll sleep better. ;o)


julieB - May 11

my little guy gets his 2 month shots on the 15th.. but I think I will give him a call early.. I was told that it is because he does not have full control over his muscles yet, but that was advise from my ds' Godfather.. so I cant be too sure if it was said to make me feel better.. When I said that he does it 12-15 times I meant that he will go back and forth 12-15 times in a row in a matter of less than a minute.. thank you all for your responses.. Being a first time mom is not easy .. and everything that is ( not normal ) in my eyes can be something to worry about.. thank you again


kimberley - May 11

Julie, all 4 of my babies have done this....I think it is either tiredness, or because they can do it, and they can feel it on their heads...I have no idea, but it can look funny. All my kids have turned out fine :)


Angie in MI - May 11

LOL!!! My dd is 7 weeks old and I call her Stevie Wonder all of the time when she does that. I think it is that she's trying to get control of her head and thinks she has it but quickly loses it1


julieB - May 11

LOL.. I love all the responses .. not only does it ease my mind but it makes me laugh... lol thanks



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