Is It Normal For So Many Bubbles In Formula

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Jen - November 16

I was surprised to see so many bubbles after I shook up the powder formula. Is there a way to prepare it with less bubbles? Thanks


Shelly - November 16

I use Gentlease from enfamil,it is formulated for babies with gas and fussiness.You can tell the difference with the enfamil LIPID b/c that one is very foamy.Nestle good start is not foamy either,but i prefer Enfamil.


Heidi - November 16

Someone I talked to who used formula said they stirred theirs up in a gla__s measuring cup and then poured it into individual bottles for storing in the fridge or feeding right away.


Chelsey - November 16

I use room temp. boiled water or even room temperature distilled water....I use a large measuring cup or whatever and make about 5 bottles at a time. I dont shake it, I just stir it... then when it comes time to feed, I warm it up first, then I shake it just a little. I use Similac Advanced, and I find it gets really foamy! So the ritual I use minimizes the bubbles, somewhat.


BBK ® © - November 17

Are you using similac? It was the foamiest of them all. What you can do is have a formula mixing bottle then when you pour it in the feeding bottle it's realtively easy to hold the foam back.


Fabienne - November 17

I know ! Some formula are worse than cappuccinos !!! After shaking the bottle, I just take a clean spoon and scoop out the bubbles :)


T. - November 17

I've had that experience with Similac. At first, I thought I didn't rinse the bottle out good enough after I washed it, but it foamed up evertime I used Similac. I just switched to Enfamil because it doesn't foam up like that and she liked it better anyway. Then, my husband and I decided to try the Sam's brand of formula because it is a whole lot cheaper for a lot more formula and my baby like that too. It doesn't foam up at all and we save a lot of money. Anyway, good luck!


Natasha - November 20

I've found 2 things that take all the bubbles out. ( I use Enfamil lipl w/ iron) 1. Breast milk, even a tiny amount 2. Mylicon drops. I discovered this today. I got some because she was having trouble burping and was obviously ga__sy. Put it in the bottle and Viola! No bubbles no matter how hard I shake it. And she burps very easily now so I am super happy.


maria - November 20

why do you shake it? can't you stir it? shaking's what makes the bubbles, obviously, and bubbles give gas.....i did like one poster's idea of mylicon drops to get rid of the bubbles, but i wouldn't want to get into the habit of that. it IS medicine.


Zack's mom - November 20

Zack used to be very ga__sy and it hurts to see him getting stomach upset from it. I use Enfamil Lipil w/ Iron and used to shake them in the Avent bottle. Now, I use the Avent bottle to measure and stir my formula because it has a bigger opening and pour them into Dr Brown's bottle. I find that stirring is less foamy and the Brown's bottle also helps to cut down the air further. It works for me and Zack have less gas now.



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