Is It Normal Or Not

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shannon - December 31

my daughter is 10mos old and she wont hold her bottle for nothing.You can put her hands on it and she just drops it.She will play with toys and she crawls,but why wont she hold her bottle?Also she wont eat jarred baby food,if you put it in her mouth she will make herself purposly gag so she wont have to eat it.why is this?


Ashley - December 31

My daughter is soon to be nine months and she won't hold her bottle either! She did it for a week when she was 6 months and then she just stopped and hasn't done it since. So, I have no idea! What does you daughter eat, do you make all her food?


T - December 31

I believe it is because they need the body contact. If you hold the bottlr, they get it. She may just not be quite ready for solids yet. If you just wait a bit, she will be trying to eat what you're eating while it's on the way to your mouth. Just be patient, she'll learn it all.


Jbear - December 31

Have you tried eating some of the baby food yourself? I used to take a bite and make "yummy" noises, then Valerie would try it. I also used to wave the spoon around and make airplane noises. She'd laugh, the mouth would open, and I'd stick the food in.


shannon - December 31

All i can get her to eat is formula.I have tried taking a bite and the airplane but it dont work.I have tried mashed potatoes and gravy,cheese puffs but nothing works.If i manage to get the food in her mouth she will either spit it out or make herself gag.I even made her home made fruits,but she wont eat it either.all she will eat is strickly formula.


mama-beans - January 1

Bottle: just make it available to her.. while playing, that kind of thing.. or better yet make a sippy cup available. .she is old enough to start learning those! Eventually she will pick it up and start using it, even if at first it is just out of curiosity like any other toy. Food: My DD was the same way, hated food! I just started putting blobs of it on her tray and giving her a spoon..and letting her play in it. Some of it would eventually make it to her mouth in her play, and after a few days of the same food type she was more receptive of me feeding that one to her. She still got the bulk of her nutritional requirements from b___stmilk, so I figured the food was just to learn, at this point. Now, at 16 months, she is such a happy eater! She never did like any jar'd food though.. other then applesauce and pears.


mama-beans - January 1

Also, start out mixing the formula with rice cereal, and let her play with that first. Then, add spoonfuls of the jar food to the rice cereal/formula mix, a little at a time, till she gets used to the new flavor.



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