Is It Ok To Give A Just Turned 1yr Old Chocolate And Sugar

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Kristin72 - December 10

I say fact I try to be careful about what I feed my baby. I do not completely deny her sugars. But chose to give her more natural means when giving it to my daughter. Through fruit...or other anutral means. My MIL inisist on trying to give my baby sweets..even from a very early age. She dips her (dirty) fingers in blue icing, syrupy sweets, chocolate, and other things desserts and tries to feed it to my baby when I am not looking. I have caught her several times. She laughs it off and says its only a taste. Her son (my dh) thinks there is nothing wrong with it. But then again their family does alot of things backwards in my opinion. and then again he gave my baby a sip of crown royal and coke the other day. Argh!!!!This makes me so angry as it disgusts me they can be so irresponsible when it comes to my daughters well being and health. Am I too sensitive about this or do I have a good point? I feel like I have to watch them like hawks and they wonder why I will not leave my baby with them when I am not there. Anyone else run into these problems? Thanks


DDT - December 10

OMG Crown and coke! I would be PISSED to say the least. WHY? I can understand why you have to feel like a hawk. I think whole sugar/candy thing is a generational thing. My parents and df's parents are also always trying to sneak some sweet goodies into my ds's mouth (he's almost 10 months) and have been for quite a few months already. I am just really stern and firm in my opinion that my ds will NOT get any chocolate/candy until his 1st birthday...because of course the whole messy birthday cake is fun and so traditional. After that one time I am limiting his intake. Why start you child on things he doesn't need so early. Why even allow it when you still have the authority and means to prevent it. Obesity is so rampant these days and its because of our diets. We need to teach our kids to eat better and that a piece of fruit can taste just as good as a piece of chocolate. Of course, I am not going to deny my son chocolate/candy full stop but its going to be a treat and not the norm.


lmk - December 10

I'm in complete agreement with you. Sugar will make your dd hyperactive and is just completely unnecessary for her. It also gives her a taste for simple sugars, and sets her up for bad eating habits. I never understood why people insist on giving their kids sugary treats and then get upset when their kids only want to eat sweets instead of real food.


javidsgirl - December 10

i am guessing crown royal is alcohol i don't know as i don"t drink. but anyways i would have kicked her in rear end for that cause come on giving alcohol to baby is just plain dangerous and stupid she suppose to protect her grandchild arggh i am sorry this just making so mad just thinking a grandma would do such a thing


lin7604 - December 10

i agree with you, there is no reason why they need to eats things like that at all as you are just helping them become picky eaters wanting sweet things then. The only thing my son gets is homemade cookies. I have the same with my inlaws as they wanted him on juice etc at a young age. why does he need juice? i want him to like water as it is so good for you. I kept telling her not till he's one adn then he will only get 2oz a day and it's diluted.


britt_m - December 10

I have let my dh give my dd a small taste of chocolate and a french fry, besides that I'm pretty stern. I homemake all her food and add no salt/sugars. Of course she had the biggest smile after those two times, but she still goes crazy over sweet potatoes and bananas!


CWeber - December 11

Well I do have to admit I do give my 8 month old sweets very occasionally. I have given him a little piece of icing etc but not daily, just once in a blue moon. Personally, I don't think it hurts them any. But would NEVER give alcohol to a child!


WyattsMommy - December 11

Kristin72, maybe our mother-in-laws are long lost sisters! She does the same thing with my ds (he's 15 months). About a month ago, my father-in-law gave him Mt. Dew Code Red in his sippy cup. I was PISSED! They've also given him a sip of beer...again, p__sed me off. At Thanksgiving, they gave him heaping spoons full of Cool Whip, which gave my ds a bad stomach ache and made him miserable. I finally lost my cool and told them they are only to feed him foods/drinks that I approve of. Of course they think I'm crazy, but I keep reminding them that he is MY child. You definitely are not over-reacting. Your concern is valid, and you should continue to stand up for yourself and your daughter!


lin7604 - December 11

oh the wipping cream bit!!! Ahhh i had that on thanks giving too, i said pumpkin pie is fine but no wipping cream. well they gave him more whipping cream on his spoon then pie!


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - December 12

For a 15 month old cool whip seems bad, try my 3 month old niece, my MIL gave her cool whip at 3 months, her mom did NOTHING. In fact her mom don't care period because she herself does it. My MIL will NEVER watch my daughter until my daughter is old enough to have anything, even then pop is a no...she will drink juice and water...pop maybe sprite (watered down of course) at a resturant when she is 3 but not at home. I was so fuious when i saw that neither of them cared. My Husband suffers major problems with his stomach and after seeing how his mom is with the grandkids he blames her, he tells her that his stomach problems is her fault. She keeps pushing me to go to work (I'm a stay at home mom and DH and I agreed I stayed home with my daughter til she can talk or til she is in school) and I told her if I went to work I wouldn't let her babysit. She gets mad but seriously I have seen more then enough to not let this woman be alone with my daughter. I'm just glad Dh understands and won't let her be alone with her either. But if I was you I would be straight forward with her. I love my MIL she is always there and helpful but my daughters health is far more important then my relationship with her. I will tell her no and that if she keeps it up (also tell your husband before) that her time with your son will be limited and or just make sure there is no food around.


Kristin72 - December 12

Thanks Ladies, This topic still upsets I feel they are side tracking my nutritional needs for my child. They think there is no harm in giving refined sugars to my baby. I had one more MIL also put a gold chain on my lo at 9 months and put her down for a nap. When I saw this I immediatedly took it off of the baby as I would be afraid of her choking if it got caught on something. My Mil thought I was crazy..I on the other hand think she is crazy. Oh yeah when my baby was 3 months they put her in front of their parrots cage and it lunged at the baby biting her finger and making her bleed. She had a large gash in her finger. To the day they try to bring the stsupid bird around the baby and think it's cute if the baby seems interested. This is just unexceptable. Just beefing..thanks for listening.



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