Is It Ok To Stop Giving This Bottle Feeding Question

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Cassie06 - February 19

DS is 6 1/2 months old. He has been sleeping through the night since about 5 weeks so he eats 5 bottles a day, every 4 hours, at 8-12-4-8-12. Lately, on days that I dont have a morning class, he isnt waking up to eat the first time until around 11. So I rush around the rest of the day trying to keep him as close to schedule as possible and make sure he gets his 5 bottles. On days I have morning classes though he will still eat his 8 am bottle when I wake him up to get him ready. So is this his way of telling me he doesnt have to have that 8 am bottle unless he wakes up, or should I keep trying to make sure he gets his 5 bottles a day? He eats 5 ounces at a time and is also eating rice and a jar of baby food a day. Thanks!


jb - February 19

I would give him 4 6ounce bottles. Seems like he doesn't need that 'extra' feeding. I know what you mean about trying to keep him on his schedule. I use to do that too. It ended up being so stressful. Eventually, I jsut let dd do her own thing (she gave me cues when she was hungry) and she set herself a new schedule. It seems like your ds is doing the same thing.


LollyM - February 19

What time do you put him to bed at night? I don't have experience with formula since I bf, but maybe he is too tired to get up and eat. It is possible that he doesn't need it though, because he is eating solids. does he get plenty of wet and poopy diapers a day? The doctors tell me that that's the best way to tell if they are getting enough food. He should have around 3 poopy diapers a day and 6 wet ones This is what they told me for bf though... sorry I am not much help for ff! Good luck =) how much does he weigh? Ava is 15 1/2 pounds which is smack in the middle for girl's weight at 6 months, I wasn't sure she was getting enough for a while too, but that rea__sured me =)


AnytimeLittleone - February 19

Hey Ca__s! Been wondering how you're doing! Eva (who is the size of the average 18 month old) eats 5 times a day as well... 8am (7oz), 11am (4oz and food), 2pm (7oz), 5pm (4oz and food), 8pm (7oz). I would just bump your little guy to 4 feeds a day, and up the oz's. Im sure he wont object! Take Care!


Ca__sie06 - February 19

hey girls! Its good to hear from you now. At his last appt he was 14 lbs (he is going on triple his birthweight!) and 30" long. He usually falls asleep at 9 or so, then gets up to eat at midnight then goes to bed for the night. I am glad he sleeps in though, because I dont get up until 11 either on the days I dont have to!!



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