Is It Safe To Havea Baby In Same Room As Computer

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Newt - November 5

I have a weird question. Is it safe for the baby to sleep in a room with a computer? Because of space issues , the baby's nursery may be in the same room as the family computer. Is this safe for the baby? For example do computers give off any kind of radiation that could harm the baby?


ImpatientMommy - November 5

The answer to this question would be... no. Not at all...


another Karen - November 6

Hi Newt, we have the same space issue here, which compounded when MIL moved in. When it was time for DD to have her own room I insisted that the computer be moved out. Now we have an extremely cramped lounge room. I've heard that TV's and computers do emit some kind of radiation.


ROBYN - November 6

Myth # 3: Computers give off harmful radiation. In our daily lives, we are constantly bombarded by a spectrum of radiation. The electromagnetic rays given off by the computer are of the safe, nonionizing variety. A number of useful studies have been conducted by scientists at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Center for Radiological Health and Devices, Bell Laboratories, and The National Inst_tute of Occupational Safety and Health. The data from their work indicates that computer VDTs "?emit little or no harmful ionizing (e.g., x-rays) or nonionizing (e.g., infrared) radiation under normal operating conditions." In fact, according to their report, the amount of ultraviolet radiation produced by a typical computer monitor is a small fraction of that produced by florescent lighting


Newt - November 6

Okay. I got mixed answers.:) For those of you who say that it's not safe. If the computer gives off radiation, is this only an issue when the computer is on? For example if the computer is off when the baby is in the room will that alleviate the issue? What if I set up a part_tion? Also, can someone direct me to a place where I can read more about this issue. Thank you all for your responses. I really don't want to do anything that is harmful to the baby. Please advise.


wailing - November 6

No, it is safe for babies to be in the same room. If u are worried, I would just turn the computer off when the baby is in the room.


SaraH - November 6

It should be fine. Just to be abit safer I probably would shut it off anytime you're not using it, but really should be fine.


another Karen - November 9

Robyn that's really interesting. It's so difficult to make the right decisions when there is such mixed info. My question in response to turning everything off... when you's say turning it off, do you mean at the wall too? When I lived with my parents, my stereo used to make a noise when it was off and I'd only hear it at night when everything was quiet. I had to unplug it to stop the noise.


MNMOM - November 9

for the sake of energy conservation, you should unplug from the power source (wall) since ectronics turned off still use some power if they are still connected to the source.



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