Is It Too Soon To Let Him Cry

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angelinakai - October 5

my son sleeps in a pack and play bassinet next to our bed. he started out sleeping great between feedings, but now he cries and wants to be held or to get in the bed with us. he is only 10 days old.. is it too soon to let him cry it out for a while and see if he goes back to sleep? i dont want to tramatize him and i know he needs a lot of affection right now, but i am getting no sleep at all.


countrymom401 - October 5

When my LO was that small he used to sleep better in his carseat. It was more snug. They don't sleep for long at that age though. I found that the more snug he was the better he slept. Try to get in a nap durning the day if you can. It does get better. I put my ds in his own room at 8 weeks. Enjoy


excited2bemama - October 5

I agree- my lo slept in her carseat for the first 2 weeks. just put something under the foot of it to prop it back a bit. Do you swaddle? that often helps newborns sleep longer. Also try to keep the nights low and talking to a min at night..


skn331 - October 5

yes, it is too soon to let him cry. Even the experts recommend waiting until 4 to 6 months. Your baby needs lots of mamma love and attention right now to feel secure.


kimberly - October 5

I agree it is to soon to let him cry it out. He needs security right now. Do you give him a pacifier? That may help him a little.


lin7604 - October 5

way too soon to let him cry. I had my ds sleep in his carseat too up till 3 onths, then we went straight into his crib. We did however put the carseat in the crib, so the room, etc was familiar to him. he made too many noises sleeping int he same rooma dn it kept us up all night, so out he went! LOL


britt_m - October 5

We all understand were you need your sleep. If you have an extra hand thru the day, get yourself some rest! But yes it is too soon for CIO. Your lo is still getting used to this huge world after being all warm and bundled all snuggly in your belly. You should try swaddling, it usually helps. Just remember your ds needs you, your all that he had and all that he's used to.


wailing - October 5

Give ur lo as much love, security and nurturing as u can right now. They don't understand anything like cry it out or being spoiled w/ too much attention. My lo slept in his swing and carseat in the beginning.


starlight_94 - October 5

Yes its too soon, I started at four months old! JUST WANTED to tell you that it will get better and we have all been through it too. Are you sure ds doesnt have gas??? Thats what kept my ds up, and once we switched to a soy formula he slept through the night(at 7 weeks old)!! Good luck!


angelinakai - October 6

thank you all for your advice. Im just not too good at this yet haha. some people say that its spoiling him to hold him everytime he cries, but I'm glad to know that that is not true. I tried some of your suggestions last night and it was SOO MUCH BETTER. So thank you! I got like 6 hours of sleep, which is more than I had total for the 2 nights before. i gave him a bath and read him a story and then swaddled him a little more snug. We turned all of the lights down low and whispered when we talked. Then every time he woke up to nurse, I would sing to him and rock him back to sleep. It was great. So thank you for your advice and for being honest with me. I feel like a much better mom now :)


yogi - October 6

you can not spoil a baby that young so dont listen to them.hold and kiss you lo as much as you want.and it is very soon to let him cry out. have you tried swadling him it can help alot.


jendean00 - October 6

Impossible to spoil a baby that young. You have got think that he just came from inside of you where he was being held 24/7 you can hold him every min he is awake and it still will not be as much as he is used to. I agree with the other ladies swaddle or carseat.



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