Is My 10 5 Month Old Too Big

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waiting100 - February 25

My ds is 10.5 months old -- he had his 10 week check up a few weeks ago -- he weighs 24 lbs. in the 75th percentile for weight and I forgot the exact height but he was in the 26th percentile for height. The dr. didnt say he was too big but since his appt it seems like he has gotten even bigger just in the past few weeks! He is SO heavy I can barely carry him around and is looking pretty chunky! The thing is I give him around 30-36 oz. of formula per day (in a 24 hr. period) and he also eats solids - breakfast, lunch and dinner -- he is not been a huge solid food eater, but lately he is getting into it more. Is this too much formula for an almost 11 month old? Does he seem too big?


waiting100 - February 25

oops - I meant 10 month appt not 10 week!


ash2 - February 25

No , he is fine. My DH is 9 months old and is 23 pounds. Doc said he is fine !


ash2 - February 25

lol, sorry , meant to say DS, not DH


Nerdy Girl - February 25

My son was 30 lbs at his 12 month check up, and the doc did not say he was too big.


Nerdy Girl - February 25

I hit submit too fast. That does seem like maybe a little bit too much formula though if he is eating 3 solid meals. Maybe my memory is bad though because this was a few months back for me. Is he doing 4 bottles a day?


waiting100 - February 25

nerdy girl - 5 bottles a day sometimes 6.


AnytimeLittleone - February 26

He is definately not too big, and I think your doctor is a jerk. My dd is 22lbs at 7 months. When I go in for dd's checkups, all the doctor wants to do is squeeze dd's thighs and zerbert her tummy. She has made a comment to me before, something like "wow, shes the size of a one year old already", but then added "thats good, incase they get sick, they have extra stores". Dont worry about your son, he sounds lovely to me!


jas - February 26

My 11 month old is and has been in the 97th percentile for weight and height since birth. I think yours is just fine! You might want to start cutting back the oz of formula since he is eating solids though. I am not sure how much they should be getting - but mine eats 4 oz with breakfast (cereal or fruit) 4 with lunch (some kind of stage 2 veggie) and 6 with dinner (2nd stage dinner) and 8 mixed with rice cereal before bed. He refuses stage 3 foods and isn't much interested in table food either unless it's bread. But I think yours is just fine. If you are worried he is too chunky, remember the weight will fly off once he is walking.


venus_in_scorpio - February 26

thats a tough one. that does sound like a little much formula if he is eating solids too... are you feeding him on a schedule or when he acts hungry?? also, does a short, stocky build run in your family? plus my cousin was a VERY FAT little baby and he's been thin as a rail since her was like 5 so dont worry too m,uch. if your gut instinct tells you youre overfeeding him then cut out some of the formula and see how he does. :o)


Kara H. - February 26

I have heard from other moms that our peds office is on this big push to curb childhood obesity and they are starting cutting some calories usually by pushing for more solids and less formula for the babies over the 80 percentile. I don't know the exact details of the ounces they are recommending since I have the opposite problem with my little guy - 10 percentile for weight. :(


KLC - February 26

I think that his weight is fine but it does seem like a lot of formula at that age. Maybe try weaning off as much formula and try some more different solids?


Mellissa - February 26

oh my goodness.... some of your 1 year old babies are as big as my 3 1/2 year old daughter!! i always knew she was tiny... but now i'm kinda freaked out. lol (she's 36 or 37 inches and only weighs 27 lbs!) sorry- i know it's off topic. :(


sahmof3 - February 26

Mellissa... don't worry.. my dd is 3 and is 37" and 30 lbs... my 19 month old has almost caught up to her... he's 34 1/2" and 28 lbs.! Anyway, waiting100... my nephew's son was 30 lbs. at a year and after he started walking/running/climbing everywhere he lost about 5 lbs.!


Nerdy Girl - February 26

I agree with the others that 5 or 6 bottles or formula at his age is a bit much. It seems like a typical schedule would be a bottle upon waking, one before am nap, one before pm nap, and one before bedtime. Where are those other two bottles coming in? It will be a shocker to him in another 6 weeks when you transition to milk because you will need to cut back on his bottles --- 36 oz of whole milk in a day is also probably a bit too much for a 1 year old. This is advice from a mom (me) with a 15 month old who still takes 2 bottles a day (whole milk, not formula) - the sooner you can cut down on bottles and transition to a cup, the better. It's been tough for us (obviously) to get him off the bottle.



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