Is My Baby In Her Swing Too Much

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jessb - March 7

My daughter is 4 weeks old and loves her swing! Sometimes she just likes to sit in it awake and hang out. I feel guilty like i should be interacting with her so I pick her up but she screams- she just wants to be in her swing. Its also the only thing I can put her in when she is sleepy and she will drift off by herself. Any other time she has to be rocked until sound asleep or she will cry when put down. She sleeps several hours a day in her swing. Is this okay? Is she in it too much? If so what should I do. I do put her on her activit mat every morning and then put her on her tummy for tummy time. But she will only tolerate that for so long...


KrisD - March 7

4 weeks is tough - they don't do much. If she seems content, I say it's fine. I used to worry that I had my son in the car seat too much (he hated the swing). Soon enough, you will be able to do more with her. Also, if she gets to watch you in the kitchen or where ever - from her swing - I think that's great. Just talk to her and sing...


PaigeMeagans mommy - March 7

My daughter is the same way. Well my mil takes care of my daughter and always has her in the swing....annoys the heck out of me. I put her in it at night after her nightly bottle and she falls asleep. She loves her swing and fusses when she wants out. My daughter takes naps also in hers and have never had a problem. Look at it this way, once they get to big.....can't use that swing as a crutch anymore. That is how I have been thinking about it. Then after that we will be complaining about not being able to get them to sleep. This all happened with my other daughter, so I am sure its going to happen with my little one now.


HANNAHs Mom - March 7

My dd loved her swing in the early months. She would fall asleep as soon as we placed her in it. Now, at 6 months she only tolerates it if I swing her in it myself like she is on a swing set and boy does she love that...she squeals and giggles!


sugar+spice - March 7

my daughter is 4 months old and loves her swing as well. in fact, she's sleeping in it right now...i wouldnt worry about it too much, you cant hold her all day and entertain her so good thing she is fine in her swing right? but if your worried about it i would just put her in her bed when she goes to sleep instead of leaving her in the swing.


tiffani - March 7

There's no harm in it at all. Cherish this time now, because she will tire of her swing and demand all your attention soon enough. As long as she's happy I would let her stay in it to her hearts content. She'll let you know when she's had enough. :o)


Ca__sieSong - March 7

I WISH my dd would like her swings. Yeah, that's right.... she has two of 'em. Both gifts. She has never liked her swings, but she has loved her bouncy chair. How many hours in a day do you keep her in the swing?


jessb - March 7

She is probably in her swing 6 hours a day. Most of that she is asleep. It sounds like a lot but I dont know what else to do with her. Its the only thing I can put her down in where she doesnt scream, so I least i can go to the bathroom and get something to eat!


KrisD - March 7

At that age my son also loved his bjorn and the papasan chair. But he hated the swing!


mommy716 - March 7

My son napped and slept in his swing for the first 4 1/2 months it was the only place he slept the whole nite, but after christmas we put him in his bed, he still wakes up once a nite but its ok!


kimmysmommy - March 7

my dd is almost 12 weeks and she loves her swing too, but it bothers me that her little head slumps to one side when she naps in it....i try to fix her head and usually end up waking her in the process...anyone have a suggestion on how to keep her head a little straiter (sp)?? or is it okay if it slumps over a little?


Shea - March 8

To kimmysmommy, I use rolled up receiving blankets or cloth diapers on both sides of my son's head to keep him from slumping over.


pbj - March 8

I say if she's happy leave her be. You can still interact w/ her. My dd loves it when I sit in front of the swing and talk to her or pretend I'm pushing her in it and sometimes I hum to the music playing. Don't worry she'll tire of it one day when she feels the need to have a bit more freedom.


kimmysmommy - March 10

thanks shea...i'll try that :)


HANNAHs Mom - March 10

To dd's head used to slump to one side as well until I noticed that the swing actually reclined. Maybe your swing has that option too...



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