Is She Eating Too Much

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Newmom - February 14

My almost one month old, she will be exactly one month on Wednesday the 16th, drinks 3-4 ounces of formula like every 2 hours, is that normal, i mean to me it seems like a lot. She eats every 2 hours during the day and every 3-4 hours at night. She is about 9 pounds now.


Maleficent - February 15

it sounds like she's doing GREAT. i would not offer more than 3-4 oz at a feeding for another few months, her little tummy needs time to grow on it's own. if it seems she's eating more than usual she's probably gearing up for a growth spurt.


Newmom - February 15

O ok, thanx sooo much, I really wasnt even sure how much formula she should get. But I dont give her more than 4 oz. thanx 4 responding.


Maleficent - February 17

no problem! think of it like this, a babies tummy is about as big as it's fist. better to offer small, frequent feedings than to try and load them up on 8 oz and have them puke it up all over you. ;0)


Newmom - February 18

yea thats what the doctor told me that babies tummy are as big as their fist. Well thanx again. :)


lisa - May 16

my baby is a month old today and drinks six oz every 3 hrs and i have tried everything to stop her,any suggestions???


to lisa - May 16

That doesn't sound like too much. It works out to be the same amount that Newmom's baby is drinking.


Skyfeather - May 17

Ive been wondering the same thing. The DR's told me not to feed her more then 40 to 45 cc's every three hours. 60 cc's is 2 ounces. My daughter is a month old almost and is a premie. She will eat non stop it seems if you let her. For the past three days she has been eating every two hours or less and 45 cc's doesnt tide her over she wants two ounces or more but her fist is just a tad bigger then my thumb so I know she shouldnt eat that much or she could get sick. Maybe she's having a growth spurt but she acts like she's starved.



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