Is She Going To Hold The Bottle

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Wellis10 - August 13

My lo is 6 moths old and refuses to touch the bottle at all. My son was holding his bottle at 4-5 months old. I am getting frustrated because she won't have have anything to do with it. She will let go of the nipple as soon as her hand touches the bottle, and cries until I put it back in her month. I have tryied to get her to do it and she will get louder. Does anyone know of any special tricks or something? Please help me.....


Malica - August 14

Babies learn what they want to learn, and some just don't seem to have an interest in figuring out how to hold the bottle themselves for whatever reason. DD is now 11 months and only now just showing some interested in holding it herself. Use the time to bond with your daughter -- when she's ready to start holding the bottle herself she'll start helping you hold it. When she shows interest, try teaching her.


mjvdec01 - August 14

Sorry to say this, but, our first never held her own bottle until she was approaching a year old. I think she just didn't want to. It is not uncommon. I didn't mind though, she was still my baby and I enjoyed the time with her. Be patient, maybe it will happen, and maybe it won't.


ROBYN - August 14

6 months old and your worried your infant isnt holding their bottle yet??? I am confused. My kid is almost 6 months he can hold it for a few seconds but thats it. I guess i need to start getting mad at him. They all do things when they are ready. My kid doesnt roll but sits up on his own they do things at their own pace. But he can drink out of a sippy cup. So pick your battles is what i would say. When shes ready she will do it.


kimberly - August 14

6 months old is a little young still to be holding a bottle. I maybe weird about this but I always enjoyed holding the bottle for my little ones. My dd is turning 1 on Saturday and I still hold her bottle sometimes. I am going to miss it actually. Give her time, she just isn't ready yet!


Buffi R. - August 18

My DD is 8-1/2 mos and just recently started holding the bottle on her own, but in very limited situations. If I'm feeding her, say, in a rocking chair, she won't hold it at all. But recently in the car she got hungry and we couldn't pull over for a feeding. I handed her a bottle of water and hoped she would at least chew on the nipple for comfort (other toys hadn't worked) and much to my surprise, she stopped crying and I could hear her drinking and swallowing the water. I guess when she got despirate she figured it out! :-) Don't worry, it'll happen eventually, and don't feel bad for asking the question. I know sometimes it isn't possible to hold it for them. When my son was a baby, I remember proping him up on a boppy and letting him hold a bottle as I dressed & diapered him in the morning so he wouldn't squirm around as much.



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