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Kathleen - May 9

Is there a difference between Lactose-Free formula and Enfamil Nutramigen? I have a VERY fussy baby who cries 24-7. I need to figure something out. The doctor has me trying Lactose-Free by Enfamil. No change in baby. Should I spend the $$$$ and try Nutramigen???


Chelle - May 9

How long has your baby been on Lactose-Free? It can take up to 2 weeks to see a change in your baby when you switch formulas.


Kathleen - May 9

He's been on Lactose free for a week now.


nic nac - May 9

yes. Lactose-free is just that, lactose-free. The majority of babies (95%) don't really need lactose free because they are born with the enzyme lactase that breaks down lactose naturally. It is rare that a baby doesn't have this enzyme. It disappears after sometime I believe after they turn one year. Lactose-free is still a milk based formula. Nutramigen is a hypoallergenic formula and is only for babies with allergies. It isn't milk based and is made out of a number of oils. It has no milk, no soy, no sugar etc. It is very expensive and should only be used as a last resort because in most cases unless you know your baby has an allergy. Obviously, you can use it but if there is no need then it's a waste of money. If your dr. says try the lactose-free then give it a try. Maybe he is the rare baby that doesn't properly break down lactose. I wouldn't waste your money. It does take time to see a change once switching formulas. What was he on before the Lactose-free formula?


pbj - May 9

I agree with Chelle. Anytime you switch babies formula, you need to give it some time. One week is not enough time to see any kind of difference. His body needs to first expel the old formula and then adjust to the new, personally I would give it at least 3 weeks, but you could see a difference after 2 weeks.


YC - May 10

We used Nutramigen for the first 10 weeks due to a milk allergy. This was prescribed by our dr. and was VERY EXPENSIVE. I would definitely ask the dr. before using something like Nutramagin. And like everyone else takes a while to see a chnge in the baby after you switch formulas. How old is your little one? Could it be something else? Our little one was colicky and had acid reflux so it took a combination of things to get her over being fussy. The colic she just had to grow out of.


Bonnie - May 10

Kathleen, based on some of your past posts...first let me say, I feel for you! I know just how bad this stage can be. Secondly, any switch in formula takes a good 2 weeks. I don't recommend you change too much at once though or you won't know what is working and what is not. Have you spoken with your ped yet about a GI referral? I truely think your biggest problem is the reflux and that he is on the wrong med for it (for him). I truely think it sounds like he needs one ofthe PPI drugs like Prevacid or Prilosec. You really need toget your ped to let you go to a GI specialist before doing any other changes. They are far mroe knowledgable in the tummy department than a ped is. Have you spoken to the doc yet?



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