Is There An End In Sight Long But Need Advice

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crh - March 13

My lo used to be an awesome sleeper. We were swaddling him still up ontil about Xmas and he was sleeping from 8 or 9 until about 7am. Well, he just got too big for that (he's 25lbs and 31 inches at 9 mos). Now I'm trying to get him to sleep all by himself and he is having none of it. He's up screaming (not crying) at about 1, 2 and 3 every night. (yes, 3x a night). He screams and gets all stiff as a board, arching his back and standing on his head. He wants me to give him a bottle when he hasn't had a night bottle since about 5 months. Last night he was up from 2-4. He is teething, but he was teething before and sleeping all night, I don't get the option of sleeping when he naps during the day as I also have a 4yo. Anyone elses baby do this too? Any suggestions??


LisaB - March 13

Growth spurt and a need to be feed??? That would be my guess. I had a friend whos lo did the same thing she had been sleeping thru the night pretty much since birth then around 10 months she was up every night for a bottle lasted about 3 weeks. Major growth spurt for her. Try feedin him and giving him Tylenol


Emmie - March 13

Wow-standing on his head? : ). Could you try loosly swaddling him-just wrapping his legs up. A lot of babies that sleep on their backs jump in their sleep and wake up through the night. Would he sleep on his belly. He is nine months old which is well past the sid threat. Usually babies that sleep on their stomachs sleep more soundly. My son sleeps on his stomach and sleeps great. Thats just a suggestion. I hope that helps.


Ciarasmom - March 13

He might miss the swaddling. I would try again and everynight or couple of night gradully take out his arms and see how he does. If he does alright wrap his lower body loosly and eventually not at all. It might have been to sudden of a change for him to have just stopped it one night.



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