Is There Any Reason To Change Avent Nipples From 2 To 3

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MelissaK - February 4

My DD is FINALLY eating well, between 6-8 oz per feed, so she put's down a whopping 40 ounces per day. This is up from the measly 18-20 ounces she was eating until she was 4 months old :). Anyway, I need to buy bigger Advent bottles to accomadate her new eating habits. I did buy a pack of #3 nipples the other day and she really seemed pretty mad at me when I tried to feed her with these, so I went back to the #2 nips for the next feed. Is there really an important reason to change the nipples? Or can I just go #2 forever?


docbytch - February 4

totally your call. you know your baby's needs better than anyone


starlight_94 - February 4

I didnt switch nipples for my ds, but I found that the reason they have you switch is b/c when they are old enough to drink from a sippy cup, they choke with the amount of juice(or milk) that comes out b/c they are used to the slow flow of the #2 nipples. I wish I had known that when I was in that situation so I would have switched them, now I have to constantly be worried that he will choke when drinking from a cup. Luckily it is getting better after 3 months of using his sippy! He is a year old tomorrow, and will not have a bottle much longer, so I am trying my best to get him used to the cups!! GL and I hope I helped a little bit!


Cevvin - February 4

I stuck with the recommended time frame on the nipples and my dd is 10.5 months and drinking solely from the sippy lids. she was easy change, keep trying every once and awhile with the bigger nipple she will catch on.


MelissaK - February 4

starlight_94 and Cevvin- That is an excellent reason to switch. Yes, I think that's why she was mad the other when she tried the new nip, she was choking I guess, not choking, but the formula was probably gushing. We will make the switch starting tomorrow AM and DH, the nanny and I will go very slow with her until she gets used to it. We call her 'cudda (like barracudda) because she jumps on her bottle and starts chugging! We also stopped swaddling this weekend. We're on day 3 of "swaddlegate" and she's handling it fairly well. Lots of changes but necessary ones to help her grow.



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