Is This A Good Present

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Erynn21 - February 12

I am helping throw a baby shower for my girlfriend in a month, I have been thinking of what to get her, and I have come up with an idea that I would like to share and see what you all think. I am making a gift basket filled w/ various items, things that new mom's need. B--t pads, lansinoh, small tub of Oxiclean, Tide to Go stick, thermometer, you get the picture all those little things that make life easier. I also have an idea, I am a pretty darn good cook and before I had my dd I made a bunch of dinners and froze them in foil pans to cook later, so I was thinking of also putting in a "gift certificate" for a couple similar meals and making a little menu to choose from and she could pick 2 or 3 for them. Do you think this is a good idea? I know it made our lives so much easier, especially since I had my c-sec my hubby didn't have to worry about cooking at all. Thanks.


ashtynsmom - February 12

I think that is excellent!! I would have loved that for a gift!!


k.p.j.e. - February 12

Lol--oxiclean! I love that stuff! Anyway yes good idea...everybody gets a million receiving blankets and all that but practical things, at least for me, were much better gifts. Stuffed animals collect dust but b___st pads are priceless...especially when you run out! At a new year's eve party! (Ok sorry, personal experience) I like the dinner idea! I wish you were my friend!!! :)


SonyaM - February 12

ABSOLUTELY!!! I would have LOVED that.


LisaB - February 12

I would have loved it!!


Nita_ - February 12

Wow! excellent gift! I wish I was pregnant and was your friend! LOL! :)


Rabbits07 - February 12

Sounds wonderful!


HannahBaby - February 12

I love the idea of the basket but not so much the whole meal thing, but thats just me.


vonzo - February 12

I think thats a very thoughtful and personal gift and i'm sure your friend would love it!!


sahmof3 - February 12

What a great idea!


ash2 - February 12

That sounds very good to me ! You sound like you are very creative : )


eclipse - February 12

Can you make me one of those gifts? Like, now?


Erynn21 - February 12

I thought I was on to something good, I know my girlfriend loves being prepared and like others said you get so much stuff that is the same. I just had to buy many of the little practical things myself, yes the Oxiclean is funny, but that has made my life so much better w/ a baby. My friend also loves my cooking and so I thought that it would be nice for her to at least have a few meals that would be easy and healthful for her and her dh, it's funny at one point she and another friend wanted me to teach them how to cook. Well thanks, and to those of you who wish I could cook for you I wish I could too. Thanks all. : )



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