Is This Nervy Or What

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krnj - January 29

My dh was talking to his Aunt the other day on the phone. (His mom's sister in law) She asked what we were doing for ds's bday which is next month. We really are trying to keep it small since we don't have a lot of room or $ for that matter. She said "Oh I'd really like to be there for his party"! I wasn't planning on inviting any Aunts or Uncles. Now that means I have to invite his cousins too? I said to dh if they're all coming, then I have to invite my side of the family too! I'm really stressed over this now. Any thoughts or advice? Thanks!!


LollyM - January 29

I would have a get together like you already planed with whoever you really want there, and then go out to dinner with the rest of the fam a different night. That way, they can all be there, and pay for their own meals! good luck =)


piratesmermaid - January 29

Ooo, yeah, LollyM that's good. We're having a small party too for dd's birthday this summer. krnj, that IS nervy, and I know it'll probably be hard to tell her no. So just tell her that it's going to be a small party with immediate family and grandparents and that's it, but that you were hoping to have a dinner with the rest of the family so they would have a chance to celebrate as well.


SonyaM - January 29

For my four year olds birthday last year we did the best thing. We had a party on Saturday for his friends at a party place and then on his actualy birthday invited family over for cake. It worked best for us because if all of our family is there is over 30 people and to add that to friends and kids it's just too much. Also the family wants to spend time with the kids so this way we are at home and they have more opportunity to spend some one on one time with the birthday child. Best of both worlds.


krnj - January 29

Great ideas, thanks ladies! His Aunt is veryyyy dramatic and annoying!


Kara H. - January 29

I would have said, "Sure, if we can do it at your house and you bake the cake!!"


jennyr - January 29

I had a similar thing happen to me. My godmorther asked about dd 1st birthday. I told her that is was just a small party for people who actually come to see Caitlyn. She said well even if I am not invited I am coming anyway. I had to make it clear to her that we were not inviting anyone else in my family so if she wanted to come that was fine but she could not say anything to anyone else. I had to in turn invite her mom and dad because they are my aunt & uncle and they live with her. SO 5 extra people had to come that were not really invited. It worked out fine but the nerve of some people. I tell you! Good luck!


austinsmom - January 30

Oh girl I had the same thing .........My ds bday I was just wanting a few people over to watch lo eat cake etc and when the day came I had 20 PEOPLE and my house is not THAT big and was informed I should have planned games etc. (my lo was only 1 yr old) If that was not enough my mil chose that time right in front of all these other people to tell me that (with tears in her eyes) that something was seriously wrong with Austin and that he was not himself and how was it that we had not taken him to the doctor? (He had a swollen lymp node) I grabbed my lo and went out the door and broke down cause she scared me to death and the party was over by the time I got back into the house. So I guess I have no advice except maybe remind everyone that you have a small house and want this to be a small thing. I did this but it did not work for me.....goodluck


BusyBee - January 30

I just discovered that we are going to be out of town for my LO's 1st birthday. Maybe I am a bad person, but I am so glad I don't have to deal with having to invite our families over. LOL.


Emily - January 30

For my dd 2nd b-day we did the same thing we did for her first, have a cookout (Its in Aug) well for her 1st we invited everyone we see reg, like his parents and grandparents, his siblings, my parents, my grandparents, my siblings, my two aunts on my dad's side (we see them alot more than we see the aunts on my moms side) well for her 2nd b-sday we wanted to scale back. But his grandparents called and asked about it and so we called and invited mine. We had about 30-35 people there. It was okay, just big. I guess with big families there is no way around it. We are thinking about just having a cake next year. It wasn't too bad for us though cause we have everyone bring something. Like someone bough tchips, comeone brought veggies, someone brought buns,m and everyone brings theier own beverage......we bought the meat (which was expensive enough) and the cake which I could try that, have eveyone bring something....


jilly01 - January 30

See I just invited everyone and then no ones feelings get hurt. I don't serve a big meal or anything and buy a store cake. A first b-day is coming up so we'll have the normal 50 people I am sure. I look at as the kids don't really know the difference and they wanna see the people and really all they care about is presents, and they get lots of those thats for sure. Soon enough they get older and the people stop coming to b-day partys....


Kara H. - January 30

Really, I think its great that you all have extended family that WANTS to come to birthday parties and such. All of our nice relatives live too far away, and the close ones act put out when you invite them. How wonderful that your little one is so loved and has people that to be there for him. If I were you, I would go to Aldi's and get a cake mix and a can of icing (probably won't even cost you $2) and decorate you house with a package of construction paper, making hats and banners and just have a simple party. As long as you have your family and a cake, you have everything you need for a birthday party.


austinsmom - January 30

Oh and my lo was terribly overstimulated and just screamed cause there were so many people in such a closed space and noone would leave him alone for one second. I think that at one year old they do not care about the presents ( mine sure did'nt) and if you are lucky you will get some great pics of you lo with cake all over but other than that calm and cool is the best way to play it or they and possibly you will be miserable. I really wish you luck but my decision has been from my son's 1st bday to have the party some where else besides home. I would recommend this if you think it is going to get out of hand and a lot of people. The parks in my area have shelters you can rent or mayby a church hall.........they are not expensive and the crepe paper is a great idea.....I also got the little bubbles and the kids and adults did enjoy those.



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