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depressed - October 13

I had a baby a week ago, I had been waiting so much for this time to come..the problem now is that I don't feel like a mom! I don't feel what I always hear new moms say... When they brought him to me at the hospital (next day after delivery) I just looked at him and couldn't belive he was mine...and still can't..does it take a while to sink in? have any of you guys felt the same thing? I need help, I am feeling so depressed :(


Lisa*9 - October 13

Could be post partium depression you are having. Search the net for answers.


Lisa*9 - October 13 Here is a link within the webstew we are using.


nonk - October 13

I think u have baby blues/ porstpartum depression. It's normal and happened to some women, even though I've never been there. It's better you talk to yr doctor so they can check u out, maybe it's yr hormone or something.


Jbear - October 14

It's totally normal, especially if you didn't hold your baby right after delivery. I was like that with my first daughter, she was in NICU and I couldn't see her for 24 hours after I had her, and I felt really disconnected from her for a while. I held my second right after she was born, and she felt like mine from the beginning. You'll start feeling like a mom pretty soon. The more time you spend with your baby, the more you'll recognize the little movements he makes as the things you felt when he was in your tummy, and the more he'll feel like yours. For me it lasted a couple of months...I would take her to the doctor and the nurses there always call you "mom" and I'd be looking for the mom in the room, because it wasn't me. I had postpartum depression too, but I didn't realize it at the time. If you're not feeling better in a week or two, talk to your doctor.


Jamie - October 14

Keep the baby with you as much as possible; have him sleep in your arms; be the only one to feed him. It'll help you to reconnect. *hugs* just wait til he's a teenager and you wish he weren't


hi - October 14

I still have trouble believing my baby is mine. She's just under a yr old. I still look at her in amazement, a kind of "oh my God, that's my kid!" At week, I was certainly in shock. I don't know how many times I asked my husband, sisters, parents, anybody "can you believe I have a baby?" So don't worry sometimes it does take a while to sink in.


lol at me - October 14

i have two kids, and i still look at my four year old, who is a carbon copy of me, and think, "wow, i'm a mom!!" then i think, "yikes, i'm a mom!!" anyway, its a big life change. lots of responsibility with a big fat capital R! do you have lots of support(hubby, boyfriend, family) that you can talk to?


depressed - October 14

Thanks ladies it really helps to hear I am not the only one..also I have noticed that everyday I get depressed at the same time and I cry for nothing..and when I hear hubby talk to the baby all cute and evrything I get kind of upset bc I think I am a bad mom (I hardly talk to him)...I do have support, from hubby..the only thing is that I can't tell him anything bc he goes and tells his mom right away and I hate it..then she makes a big deal out of everything!! He does it b/c he worries but then she drives me crazy with a million questions!! agghh



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