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Deirdra - January 23

my ds is 3 months old and 1 week, the past week or so, he has been sleeping 8 hours and then 4 hours but only taking 2 ounces inbetween. Im not complaining in the least...i just think he is sleeping alot...he naps during the day but its like 4 or 5 20 minute cat naps...which im not complaining about either....he only cries now when he is overtired or hungry...which agian im not complaiang...but is this normal? also he eats like every hour o every 2 during the day taking 4 to 6 oz...


Lisastar9 - January 23

I would say he is gettting enough during the day to substain himself for nightime sleeping,maybe he is just a little bit thirsty at night time hense only taking 2 oz at a time. After babies have doubled their birth weight are able to sleep for longer periods of time. I know when my kids have sleep for longer period of time they grow. He could be going through a growth spuret it is arounfd the three month mark . Next one is 6 months 9 months and 12 months. Give or take.


Emily - January 23

I agree, my first thought was growth spurt. My girls went through phases like that where they would eat less and sleep more, then they also went through the no sleep and always eat phases too. That stunk! I say enjoy while you can, cause it probably will not last.....


CaliTrish - January 23

My ds is about the same age (3 mos, 2 wks) and doing similar. He sleeps 6-8 hours, then another 4-6 hours. His naps have definitely gotten shorter, 15-30 mins. When he wakes in the middle of the night, he’ll eat 2-4 oz. Sometimes, even a b___b will suffice. However, he'll pig out when he finally wakes up, 6-8 oz. Just yesterday, he started eating 4oz every two hours during the day. Usually, it's 4oz every 3 hours or 6oz every four hours. My ds only cries when he’s tired, hungry, poopy, or needs to be burped. Although lately, he hasn’t needed much burping. Crazy increases in eating followed by lots of sleeping are usually growth spurts.


dee23 - January 23

my ds was like that, it is perfectly normal. i also posted a question back then as i was concerned as well. he would not only sleep 830pm tp 1930am, but he would also have hourly or longer naps during the day. i guess it just means your d is a good sleeper! now ds sleeps 9pm to 830am, then sleeps another 5 hours during the day and he is 6 months, enjoy:)



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