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aiden06 - February 6

My son recently got a gastro-virus. He is 8.5 mos old, we think he picked it up from a newborn friend of ours. He started throwing up on last Thursday morning..then started with the diaherra. We took him to the hospital, and they said to give him Pedialyte (we are on Ontario)...and watch that he keeps that down. The next night, I got violently ill as well, and Aiden was throwing up with diaherra we took him back to the hospital. They said that IV would only help for 3-4 hours, and best that he get fluids at home. So we have been trying, yet he is still throwing up his formula. Anyway, I am not sure how long this virus goes on for..and looking for reasurrance as I am a new Mommy, and don't have a lot of experience dealing with all this. Please offer your advice!! Thanks.


boolie79 - February 6

my daughter who is now 7 next week.. had gastro twice.. i am not sure how tiny your son is but my daughter is very pet_te so she got dehydrated quickly and had to be admitted to hospital and be put on an iv... she was 2. We were told liquids only.. so pedialyte.. jello...water... nothing like milk either.. she had to be like this for a good 2 days...she wanted others but she would just throw it up.. keep an eye on your baby to make sure he doesnt get dehydrated and go lathargic on ya.. if he does get him to the hospital quickly to get on IV,,,DD was on iv for 2 days...its hard when your kiddo is sick... i am on baby 3 and even with her sometimes i feel like a first time mom especially when any of them are sick.. GL and I hope he recovers fast!


Rabbits07 - February 6

So, how long has he been throwing up? It is normal for the diarrhea to linger up to 2 weeks, but if he is still vomiting after 48 hours then I would get him in to see his pediatrician. Nothing against ER personnel, but I think when they are really busy they will sometimes write something off as not a big problem while your pedi has more of personal relationship with your son and would be more likely to take precautionary measures. (I know not all ER's are like that, but I've experienced that at ours). Anyways, I've never heard that an IV will only help for 3-4 hours......whoever told you that either doesn't know what they are talking about or is a liar. Until you can get him in to see his pedi, if he is still throwing up wait about 20 min. after he vomits and then give pedialyte only about an ounce at a time evry 5-10 min. or so. If he holds that down continue every 5-10 min. If he vomits make sure to wait another 20 min. before giving anymore to give his tummy time to rest. Some of the signs of dehydration are sunken fontanel (soft spot), no tears when crying, fewer or no wet diapers or dark yellow or brown urine and leathargy....if you notice any of these signs and your dr. office isn't open yet then take your ds back to the ER and INSIST that they do blood work to check for dehydration. Some dr.'s seem to like to think that they can tell just by how the child is acting, but that's not always so. Insist on the blood work to make sure if you think he's dehydrated. In any case, I hope your little guy gets to feeling better soon :-)


TinaMarie - February 6

I hope this helps. My whole house is just getting over this. Angelina (14 months) started early Sat morning. She woke throwing up. It was terrible, She was so frightened. She continued throwing up all morning consistantly. We got her pedialyte. This is what our nurse said to do (other docs may recomend different) She said to wait and hour after she vomits, then give her 1 ounce of prdilyte. If she keeps that down in an hour move up to 2 ounces, etc. If she vomits it up, go to a half an ounce. and start the cycle all over again. By about noon the vomitting had calmed it self but she then got terrible diareah. I made the mistake of giving her milk too soon. By nighttime she had not vomitted so I gave her milk before bed. Bad idea!!! She threw up. My husband and had planned for a romantic night Sunday nightkids to bed early, candle light chicken marsala, etc etc, well needless to say by Sunday evening the only romance going on in my house was the 2 of us sharing the toilet!!! It was terrible. We were so sick and achy. We laid in bed party giggling about if we were having fun yet. We just held hands and whined about our aches and pains and wished we had a bathroom upstairs!! The baby is feeling better other than she still has super loose stools. But she is active and keeping food down. I have not attempted food yet, but I feel much better. So for us it was 2 days of vomitting and 3-4 days with diareah. I hope you all are feeling better!!! Please excuse the typos, I just got up!


aiden06 - February 6

Thanks so much for your really helped me feel better. I have been giving Pedialyte every 1/2hr-1hr. He has been keeping it down, and also giving him some water. Poor thing...Actually the Doctor at the hospital told us that the IV only lasts for 3-4 hours, I was really surprised with that too! If he is not getting better tomorrow, then I am going to take him either to our Family Doctor, or back the the ER and demand help..:)


ash2 - February 6

Sometimes you have to be more direct with them to get the point across. You know him better than anyone. BTW...MY SON IS NAMED AIDEN TOO : )


Rhiannon - February 6

One of my dds was a bit sick when she was 2 months old. The drs said that diarrhea could last for a week or two becasue they are so small. She had diarrhea for a week and a half. (I live in Ontario too)



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