Is This Normal For A 15 Month Old

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LisaB - February 21

My ds still puts EVERYTHING in his mouth he loves paper and cat food it is a constant struggle to keep his mouth depree free its gross- please don't think hes the icky kid but I bet hes gonna be the weirdo eating paste unless I can get him to stop!! Also for those of you with kids this age how do you tell them no and get them to listen???????


luviduvi - February 21

I didn't! LOL! That was a hard age b/c they can't understand words and you can't understand them. When dd was that age, the things I didn't want her near, I just put where she couldn't get to it. Dd is now 2 and still puts everything in her mouth.......YUK! Good Luck!


SonyaM - February 21

Ironically my 16 month old doesn't put stuff in his mouth anymore. He brings EVERYTHING to me. I think he's weird. I think it's much more typical for them to put stuff in their mouth. I guess you just have to put stuff up and away and vacuum all the time. Pracitcal huh??hehehehe


ashtynsmom - February 21

My dd is like that, too, Sonya. If she finds paper or something on the floor, she brings it to me. I always let her throw it away ( I think that is the fascination, b/c she normally isn't allowed to touch the garbage can!) We have the stainless steel round one you have to step on to open, so she is fascinated with it!! LOL


rl- - February 21

ok I think it is normal for them to shove stuff in their mouths and as far as telling them no and having them listen....well if you find that out please let me know LOL I have a 17yr old and I still have not figured that one out yet LOL!!!!


Kelly K - February 21

It's definitely normal. Thankfully my daughter finally learned her lesson when she got ahold of a tea bag and tore it open and tried to eat tea leaves. I had to hold her upside down and rinse her mouth out. She didn't care too much for that so now she brings everything to me to throw away. No matter how often you clean they can still manage to find the smallest thing to stick in their mouths!


hrsmith - February 21

ha ha! My ds is almost 16mo. I have a ton of trouble keeping him out of just about everything. I know for a fact he knows where he is not supposed to go because he looks at me and pauses right before he enters the "no go there zone!" also, he gives me this cute little smirk like he knows he shoujldn't be going there. I just started talking to his little elmo doll. I carry on quite the conversation with elmo. I ask him if my son is supposed to go there. Anyway... i have been doing this quite frequently and it is actually starting to work. Mind you... I have had to do it several times, it didn't work the first few times. Hopefully you have a stuffed animal or something to maybe try. let me know if it works. lots of luck. what a stinkin' hard age:)


Smilefull - February 21

on making them listen---they don't really listen to words, but mine listened to TONE....


Nerdy Girl - February 22

My ds is 15 months tomorrow and EVERYTHING still goes in his mouth.



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