Is This Normal For Giving Your Baby Solids For The 1st Time

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ImpatientMommy - October 30

I just gave my daughter Gerber Oatmeal Cereal for the first time ever, her first time having anything other than formula. I made it pretty watery with formula but you could still see the oatmeal, it was really watery though. Anyway, she never made a face like she didn't like it she just had a hard time keeping it in her mouth haha it was REEEAALLLY messy. I thiiiink she swallowed some haha I couldn't tell it seemed like once it went in her mouth it came out haha is this normal for doing it the very first time? I mean it was her first time eating off a spoon and everything. She was smiliey during it so I don't think she necessarily didn't like it and she opened her mouth for the spoon.


Carole - October 30

Yep, totally normal, just keep trying. It gets easier. She will get the hang of it. And yes it is totally messy. That spoon is a whole new world for them. Good luck!


DDT - October 30

It is fairly normal because they have to practice swallowing. Swallowing a liqiud is different from swallowing a solid. It doesn't come naturally so they need some practice. I would keep offering it to her over the next few days and if it still looks like she is getting hardly anything into her mouth and a lot is just running out of her mouth then she may not be ready for solids. You can then wait for 7-10 days and then try again. That's good that she didn't grimace through ds did for a few days but that was with rice cereal!


ImpatientMommy - October 30

Yeah she really didn't seem to mind the taste or anything. She was even picking it up off her bib and trying to put it in her mouth haha and then she picked a glob off her bib and rubbed it on her cheek.


DB - October 30

Aww! So cute!!! Seems like we've been doing solids forever now, I miss those first few times...the looks you get! Sounds perfectly normal...It took my dd a good 3 or 4 weeks to actually totally get the hang of solids, then it got easy.


Tracy88 - October 30

Trust me, once you hit a food that she just loves, she will be sucking it off the spoon! My daughter loves sweet potatoes and acts differently with each new food she gets, but goes crazy when I give her the sweet potatoes.


wailing - October 30

Aww. Impatient, I'm so jealous u started solids!! I can't wait until we get to!! Hope u got lots of pictures! Post them up!


JerseyGirl - November 1

I just gave my 4.5-month-old DS solid food yesterday and it sounds the same as your experience! He loved the spoon in his mouth and opened up when he saw it. He swallowed some of the food but it was sooo messy! Overall, I think he only ate half a teaspoon but I'm happy with that for his first time! He had rice cereal...


britt_m - November 1

After the first few attempts, I made it the consistency of oatmeal, tho we used rice cereal. The thicker consistancy helped her a lot and she never coughed, choked or whatever and she loves the sippy cup. I bf so she doesn't get the bottle but 1-2 times a week, that may be why she took to the sippy well. I give her an ounce with her meal, hasn't effected her b___stmilk intake or feedings. But I would make it a little thicker each time and see if she takes to that a bit better. I mean even when we have soup, don't you drip some, lol, maybe its just me : D! She's over 5 months and has carrots and potatoes too, so exciting so far can't wait to try apples, sweet compared to the bland rice and potatoes, lol.



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