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Susanna - July 27

I am br___tfeeding. My baby has dropped a feeding at night, so he is sleeping about 5-6 hours. It also seems that his daytime feedings are getting farther apart. Is this O.K.?


so.... - July 27

if you have to ask this question, than maybe its not ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Soleil - July 27

How old is ur baby?


Susanna - July 27

My son is two months old......


soleil - July 27

Okay, every how often was he eating before and how much is he eating now?


emily - July 27

Is ur a word?


Jbear - July 27

The more your baby weighs, the more he will eat at each feeding and the less frequently he will want to be fed. If you have any doubt that he's getting enough, see if you can take him to the pediatrician's office just to be weighed. If he's gained weight since the last time you were there then he's eating enough.


soleil - July 27



Soleil - July 27

jbear is right. But if you have any kind of concerns its best to ask the doctor.


lilmum - July 28

i think at two months that's pretty much normal. Alot of babies will only eat 2 - 3oz or so at a feeding when they're born, and around two or three months get a much better feeding schedule and have grown enough to take in more at one feeding and be able to go longer in between. As long as your little one is still feeding atleast 7 or 8 times a day, i wouldn't worry (and as long as he's gaining weight). If you want to know how much he is eating, take him into your clinic and weigh him on an empty stomach (with a clean diaper on) and then feed him and weigh him again (don't change his diaper though). This will give you a good idea of how much he is taking in and whether or not it's a good amount. Chances are he is fine and once you get used to this routine, he'll wake up with a whole new one. Good luck :P


lilmum - July 28

and to so... alot of new mom's worry about everything and not only is it completely normal, it's sometimes benificial. I know i worried about everything from how much he was eating or not eating, to the colour and texture of his bowel movements to the way he breathed when he slept. Usually, it's nothing, but sometimes that tiny little thing will be an indicator of them getting sick or something and you have tonnes of time to treat it so they have any complications.


To Soleil - July 29

He was eating about 7-8 times, now down to 6. His weight is good, but it still worries me. When he cries between feedings, I will always try to offer him food again, but he is not interested or will nurse and spit it up.


E - July 29

He may have hit a growth spurt, where they sleep more and eat less. At least my son did during his growth spurts. As long as your baby weighs properly, you have nothing to worry about. I would enjoy the time that he sleeps b/c it may change.


ChrissyR - July 31

Your baby will definately let you kow when he is hungry Susanna. I am a true believer of feeding on demand...don't worry... as he grows his feedings will become further apart but, he will probably drink more at each feeding.


To Susanna - July 31

I worried like most mom's did too with my first . I got him weighted every week. I believe you are doing the right thing. Not to worry. You must be making a good milk reserve for the baby to sleep through the night. Enjoy your sleep.


Soleil - July 31

Susanna, my daughter also did the same. In the very beginning she ate like every 2 hours. But after 2 months she started sleeping more through the night (thank G-d) and so I did not have to feed her at night. And yes as they grow older the time in between feedings gets longer. As long as he is gaining weight normally, i wouldnt worry. A baby will let you know when he is hungry. If you are really concerned ask you doctor about it. Hope this helped.


CherishCayleigh - August 1

Keep in mind Susanna, as your baby gets older he becomes stronger and is able to eat faster.. he may be taking all he needs in 6 feedings. As well, consider the heat... i dont know anyone that eats as much in the summer when it is hot... also your baby will not starve himself, he will eat what he needs when he needs it... for the love of God woman TAKE THE EXTRA SLEEP!!! LOL... good luck...



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