Is This Okay For 9 Months Old Or Are They Red Flags

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BWIND - November 5

Okay, ds will be 9 months in ten days. I have concerns about him. He crawls, pulls up, and says mamam, dada, and baba. How often should a 9 month old respond to his name? Sometimes he will other times you could practically yell it several times and he won't even turn his head...hecontinues to do whatever. SO, should he turn his head all the time, 1/2 the time? What is normal for this age? Also, he rocks back and forth when he sits sometimes...usually when he gets excited when he's playing. He will make eye contact when he wants. He loves to look around. I know a lot of people have commented on how observent he is. It's like he just soaks everything in. He has battled a few ear infections so I wonder if it has compromised his hearing. My husband thinks I'm crazy. He has a check up in a couple of weeks so I'llask his ped. then. I was just curious if this was normal...


DB - November 5

Well, Audrey is nine months...she crawls (army crawls mainly though she can "real crawl", but chooses not to)...she cannot pull up yet. She has said mama 3 times EVER!! She constantly says dadada, lala, mmm, ba. She also rocks when she sits, it's pretty funny. There are times when Audrey totally ignores us when we say her name. Does he interact with you guys? Smile at you, show emotion etc? I'm sure he's just fine, but I'm a worrier too, I understand!


BWIND - November 5

Thanks DB...that makes me feel much better...the problem is that I'm a I guess I just watch for these things b/c I see them all day long. My husband thinks I'm paranoid and that I need to stay off the internet. He sounds exactly like her. Kaleb interacts with us quite a bit. He smiles and laughs when daddy tickles him. Lately, I"ve noticed Kaleb responding more to his name...but not tons. Why types of questions do the ped. ask at the 9 month check up.


DB - November 7

Our ped. asked us if she babbles, is she crawling, how's she eating, is she social with us, how's her milk intake, how does she pee/poop?!?! Stuff like that!



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