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erica - November 7

It may be kind of a silly question but here it goes, is it wrong to think your child is the most beautiful one you've ever seen. You see around the time I had my son, my beautiful son;) hehe there was sort of a baby boom around me, it seems like everyone just seemed to be having a baby ne who not to say that their kids are ugly or ne thing of the sort but damn my son is noticeably wayyyyy cuter:) all my friends agree the ones without kids of their own lol. Just wondering if you other moms are having the same reaction? ps ive never revealed this to any of the moms around me or ne thing like that, i dont want ne one thinkin im some sort of bit** or ne thing lol


Narcissus - November 7

It's normal. I think my son is the most gorgeous baby on earth and I am convinced he could be a baby model and we will make millions (Olsen twins!). I think all moms feel this way about their baby. How could we see it any other way? My son is way cuter than my friends kids, but I am sure she feels that way about hers. I would keep it to yourself like you have done.


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 7

Doesn't everyone think their babies are the most beautiful? I think my son is the most beautiful baby boy in the world.


Shelly - November 7

I KNOW my baby boy is the most gorgeous,handsome,cutest and sweetest boy on earth!!!!!


be realistic - November 7

sorry to spoil your fantasy,but I believe there are ulgly,average and good looking babies after ther are born. I said to my husband is he ulgy looking and he said no, He was correct on his judgement. My son was good looking and both boys are still to this day. I know my boys will never win the contest for the best looks but at least they are good looking. I try to imagine what they would look like as adults. Anybody try to imagine the same.


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 7

What are you talking about?


be realistic - November 7

I should also add all baby's are cute in their own way just because they are babies..... Rachael mommy2lucas just think long and hard about the above statement I posted I do believe you will get the point.


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - November 7

You guys might have cute boys but I have the prettiest little girl! lol I do think my baby is cute BUT I have a friend that when she had her first son (was in labor for like 45 hours and then had a c-section so he had a cone shaped head) she would not let any visitors at the hospital b/c she thought he was ugly! To me he never got really cute in the looks department but he had the best personality! Because of his personality he was one of the cutest kids around! anyway, I agree with Narcissus that we could make millions off of Amayas looks and personality (but I would feel really bad about selling my daughter, I think lol) And to Erica, there were alot of people popping out kids around me too and I think my baby is WAY more beautiful than theirs! We were in the mall Saturday and my grandma was like "do people always stop you and tell you how pretty she is" I was just like, uhhh yeah I guess, never thought of it! OH and one more thing, I think all of your kids are all really cute!


Nwe mom - November 7

My baby prince is the most charming and hansome boy on this universe that i just can't shut my eyes or get satisfied looking at him i swear i look at him whole night i just can't get enough of him my friends say he is getting cuter every day..whenever i go out with him many ppl stop me to look at him and tell me how cute and handsome he is...i love him more than life...he is a real good actor he coughs just to get attension he cries fake even..he is just 8 weeks..see so it's normal every mom love their child and have the same feeling about them


Mommy - November 7

I think I have the most beautiful little guys in the world. Of course I may be biased lol. I honestly thought my oldest was ugly when he was born though. I swear he looked like Yoda. My big sister made a picture on her computer of him as a newborn, and made him green and gave him pionty ears, he looked just like him. Now Zane looks just like daddy, and Logan looks like Zane after he got cute lol. I think they are georgeous.


Kathryn - November 7

I know I have a handsome little man. I hate going out because I can't go anywhere without someone stopping me and telling me what a cute baby I have. Maybe everyone gets stopped, but for me, I don't like getting so much attention.


BBK ® © - November 7

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Jamie - November 8

I just wanted to announce that MY daughter is the most beautiful princess I have laid eyes on. (And, for the record, I haven't gone to look at anyone's picture sites, so I haven't laid eyes on any of your babies.) I think it's normal and natural for mothers to feel that way about their babies...through the eyes of love, y'know?


krystal - November 8

Yes i agree I am also one of the luckiest mothers in the world to be blessed with the cutest, handsomest little bundle of joy. and i'm pretty sure everyone else feels the same way about their children, that's just the way that it's supposed to be.


SaraL - November 9

...laugh... no, I'm living proof not every new mommy thinks her baby is the most beautiful...when our daughter was born, my hubby and I joked she looked like a miniture Walter Matthau (you know... from Grumpy Old Men). She was definitely not a pretty baby... now... lordy what a pretty, pretty girl she's turned out to be.


Lesley - November 9

When I had my daughter I used to get stopped in the streets and in shops by complete strangers who would comment on how big and lovely her eyes are, and I still get stopped about it now. I love all babies and think all are cute, but mine is def the cutest *lol*



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