Is Thrush Contagious

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Brittany - February 18

My dd has thrush and a yeast diaper rash. This was the first time I've ever come in contact with thrush, I have heard about it but my son never had it so when I took my daughter to the pediatrician, I got to learn new things haha. I was wondering if it is contagious? I have a feeling it is but before I knew my daughter had it, I gave her a taste of my milk shake from a spoon and I continued using the spoon. My daughter only had two small white spots in her mouth, thats how I didn't know she had it. I feel like I have it now but all over. I have a weird white film in my mouth EW lol. Maybe I'm just being paranoid, has this happened to anyone?


Ashleyg - February 18

my ds had thrush and a yeast diaper rash when he was little. The thrush was horrible. his entire mouth was covereing in a thick white film and he was on tons of medicine in order for the infection to go away. i asked my doc the same question about it being contaigious because i used to put ds pacis in my mouth to carry them (just by the plastic part), if i didnt have a free hand. she said that thrush was very contagious for children, due to their undeveloped immune systems but it is very uncommon for adults to get it. hope this helps!


Brittany - February 18

yay lol good! Thank you so much!!!


Kena - February 18

I would say yes it can be transferred. Thrush as well as v____al yeast infections are caused by a yeast (candida albicans). Breastfeeding women can get it on their nipples and it is very painful. Thrush is kinda like a yeast infection of the mouth. Yeast thrive on sugar. So avoid giving your baby juice since it has lots of sugar. Also I don't know if you want to do this but it's an old wives tale that if you wipe a soiled diaper (with urine) on the toungue it will clear it up. Urine is sterile and your baby can't get sick from it.


pinkrox87 - February 19

kena is right. both my twins had thrush that we treated with various medicines continuously for over 2 months that just wouldnt go away. and the only thing that worked was our last resort of rubbing a wet -urine- cloth nappy all around their mouth 4 times a day- firmly too, and still using daktarin the other 4 or so times a day. and it cleared up in a few days! we are still giving them daktarin for 2 weeks after the symptoms though. that is one wives tale i will definate back up anyday!



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