Is Your Under 2 Yr Old Child Prescribed Elidel

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austinsmom - June 2

Hi ladies.....after taking my lo to doctor for his eczema he was prescribed elidel......I have read warnings and it said not to be given to children under 2 years of age....then it talks about the risk of cancer that is only really there if the medicine is absorbed into the lo is 5 months old and I have read enough to know that with his skin at this age it is very likely that his skin will absorb everything into bloodstream ( hence no sunscreen, bug repellant etc) I called the doctor office and spoke to the nurse ( wanted to make sure they do know about the age thing and cancer risk) and they of course did and acted like they prescribe this to all little ones with eczema......being the worry wart that I am I want to know how many of your children are on this product and are under the age of 2.......any comments welcome........thanks girls..


Rabbits07 - June 2

My daughter uses Elidel, but she is 15. I am confused alot of times by the whole medical field. I know my son's doctor had prescribed Pulmicort for him as a baby (he's 3 now) because he was dx with asthma when he was only 4 months old. The insert said not for use in children under...I can't remember what age, but he was way under it at 4 months. I used it and the Xopenex at that time because he was so bad off. His doctor said to use the Pulmicort year round 2x a day, but I never have...when I can tell he's getting wheezy I use it because I figure the benefit outweighs the risk. I'm not advocating or advising going against doctors orders, but I figure if something is not approved for a certain age it is for a reason. I don't blame you for being wary about using it. If it were me I would exhaust all other alternatives first.


austinsmom - June 2

thanks for replying seems that if doctors are consistantly prescribing this med for infants I would see more responses........please speak up yall if your child was prescribed this.....the less people respond the more concerned I become........rabbits I have tried lots of stuff but this is the first medicine prescribed.......


Rabbits07 - June 2

We were lucky enough that when dd had it as a little one it wasn't so bad that otc ointments didn't work. I think the worse it ever got when she was little was when she was about 4 and it looked so bad that we actually took her to the ER because we thought she had gotten burned on something. It breaks out on her now, mostly in the winter, on her hands and on her thighs. Her hands get so bad that they bleed. She has the Elidel, but won't hardly use it unless I really get onto her because she is major paranoid about meds. My husband has it to, but his doctor prescribes something different for him. To my knowledge, Elidel is the only rx that is even approved for use in children at all. I do sympathize with you and if I come across any info I will pa__s it on.


SonyaM - June 3

I am not sure about that med specifically, however I wanted to give you another option. I suffered from PUPPS ( a severe itching pregnancy rash) with both of my pregnancies. Since the only real treatment is steroids which you obviously can't take when you are pregnant, the Dr.'s tell you basically just to deal with it. So I reseached and searched hi and low for a fix. I finally found something called Grandpa's Pine Tar soap(you can goodle it) and it works wonders for skin problems. I found mine at a Sun Harvest store in the soap section. It is very inexpensieve, about $3-4 per bar of soap. I used it several times a day for about 5 days and the rash was gone. My Dr. was so impressed he bought a bar of it to keep in his office just to remind him to recommend it to other people. He has since told me that other people that have tried it for the rash had the same success as me. Maybe this would work for your lo. Good luck. P.S. I am pretty sure I remember reading that it was used ast a treatment for eczema and my Dr. told me that dermatologist have used it to treat eczema.


Rabbits07 - June 3

SonyaM, I have seen that in my local pharmacy, but have never bought it. I believe I will get it for dh as his eczema is flaring up really bad right now. He is a summer time flarer, just the opposite of dd.


austinsmom - June 5

thank you for the info sonya....I will try to find this soap in my area...I will let you know if I see a difference.....either way I appreciate the response :-)


SonyaM - June 5

you are very welcome. I hope it helps. It was a big relief for me as my rash itched like you would never believe.



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