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KATHRYN - October 18



mee too - October 18

i got to my pre-pregnancy jeans the third week after giving size is zero..what about u..every day when i go out i amaze ladies when they stop me to look at the baby and tell me u are so skinny can't blve u just gave birth..


c__p - October 18

i hate you mee to!


momma - October 18

i was back in my pre pregnany cloths (well most of them) at 3 weeks the rest at 6 weeks


Rachael mommy2lucas - October 18

I was back in most of my clothes at 3 weeks too, all by 6 weeks. I lost all my weight by 6 weeks, I only gained 22 lbs, now my little bits of flab that I always had are just sort of in different places!


Kathryn - October 18

It has taken me almost five months!! A week after I had my son I had to buy a size 12 and now I'm back down to a 4. I gained almost 35lbs while pregnant. I just need to do a little more toning.


Fabienne - October 18

wehoo!!! lucky you !!!!!!!!


Lissi - October 18

Well, now I'm depressed! :( It's 4 weeks on and I'm still tubby and saggy round the middle. I can't get into any of my pre-pregnancy clothes, and the maternity ones look stupid now. My stretch marks show no signs of fading and they still itch. Boo-Hoo! :(


leslie - October 18

I had a c-sec 12 days ago and I fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes (size 3) but I get soooo upset bc I am sooooo tired that 1. I wear pj's and loose clothes all the time (its just more comfy) and 2. I think I am never going to leave the house or at least not until this baby is at least 2 years old!! so its not like if I can go out and show it off!!! :(


Grrrrrr - October 18

I hate you all. LOL J/K. I am envious of you though. I's not fair!!!!! :( I wanna be skinny again. WAAHHHHHHHH!!! LOL. I'm not the jealous type can you tell...


mee too - October 19

here's an advice hope it works for flattening ur tummy back use post maternity belt..try wearing tight cloths and don't leave urself loose coz it make u used of wearing loose cloths forever..i did my exercise as soon i got home even though i have episotomy..i gainned hardly 20 lbs in my pregnancy and i lost them soon after giving birth i came home wearing pre-pregnancy cloths..drink as much water u can..



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